Obama gives special protections for homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, but takes away religious freedoms from Christians
Burger King introduces gay pride Whoppers
Rabid Attack: Anti-Hobby Lobby bill introduced in Senate
Chase Bank asks employees' loyalty to LGBT
This president understood what it meant to be an American
Let's thank Hobby Lobby and the Green family!
The shocking truth about Macy's Department Stores
Nine statements by Obama yesterday made a mockery of God's word
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Principal yanks patriotic song from kindergarten graduation(2)
How you can live in a thought-police culture
VA medical center pulls curtain to hide Jesus, cross and altar
A drag queen was behind USPS Harvey Milk stamp
URGENT: Stop this dangerous court nomination
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Californians! Save kids from Harvey Milk indoctrination May 22
A list of Mississippi businesses displaying hatred toward religious freedom
Here's what is killing the American church
Report: AFA meets with FCC chairman over broadcast decency
Take Action: City health official placed on leave for religious beliefs
Take Action: This Senator wants the government to spy on your phone, Facebook, websites
7 common careers Christians may no longer hold in America
Thank Hobby Lobby for sharing the true meaning of Easter with America
Email the Secretary of the Air Force to protect religious liberties for Airmen
Take action: Obama's Circuit Court pick is a dangerous judicial activist
If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence', keep your child at home April 11
Three reasons you should not see the movie 'Noah'
World Vision reverses decision, see their statement here
World Vision compromises, abandons teachings of Bible
Air Force Academy message remains unchanged: Cadets give up religious liberties
Air Force Academy orders cadet to remove Bible verse
The answer is 'no' to all of these
We warned them then and we warn them now
See the scorecard of how your members of Congress voted
Your kids are being tracked online and you can stop it
Dodge Ram hurls profanity-laced TV ad
Help Bring INSP Back to DIRECTV!
IRS decision looms: Silence the Christians
Chevrolet mocks God's plan for marriage and family
Demand Eric Holder's impeachment
Be informed: What Girl Scouts USA does with their cookie 'dough'
Help stop IRS shutdown of voter guides, voter registration drives
Chevrolet confirms: We have pulled the ad
Chevrolet launches profanity-laced TV commercial
Obama admin moves to silence AFA on elections
Trail Life USA youth program well under way
VA censors Christmas cards and kids in multiple hospitals
Warning to parents: Rose Parade not for family viewing
Stand with Phil, show your support here
Tell Secretary Hagel to stop using anti-Christian SPLC resources
Radio Shack angers store owners - 'Company isn't listening to us'
Shuck the Shack - Radio Shack boycott update
Scrooge Alert: Boycott Radio Shack this Christmas
Hospital employee suspended for 'God Bless America'
Complete turnaround this year: This company now says 'Merry Christmas!'
On Veteran's Day: Our military personnel need to know you’ve got their back
The ENDA agenda and why you should care
Army orders stand-down on anti-Christian briefings
Air Force Academy considers removing 'God' from oath
U.S. Army threatens Christian soldiers with the brig
Army says SPLC is wrong, AFA is right
U.S. Army officially labels your AFA as domestic hate group
Entire Values Voter Summit 2013 to be webcast live this Friday and Saturday
Obama to National Park Service - Make life as difficult for people as we can.
WWII veterans push back against Obama snub over war memorial ban
The killing of Christians and the silence of the White House
Fox Sports fires sportscaster for his Christian faith
No ObamaCare funding bill heads to Senate, please take action
Here's how to stop ObamaCare
Trail Life USA is the Christian alternative to the BSA
Home Depot practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott
Police threaten Christians with arrest for feeding homeless
National 'Truth for Youth' Week - Order your free Bible now!
Stop Planned Parenthood - Taxpayer fraud in millions of dollars
Air Force chaplain's online essay restored…your action did it!
Air Force invites drag queen to perform on base
Watch liberal professors dumbfounded by God's truth
AFA to Air Force leaders - We want a meeting
Another military chaplain punished by base commander – Please, get involved today!
Ray Comfort does it again...
Take Action! Constitutional Marriage Amendment introduced in U.S. House(2)
Take Action! Constitutional Marriage Amendment introduced in U.S. House
The Supreme Court Decision: Where Are We Headed?
Pray for the Supreme Court and the Nation
Urge House to protect unborn babies from the excruciating pain of late-term abortions
Kraft - from cheesiest to sleaziest with latest ad
Air Force continues hostility toward religious liberty of airmen
Boy Scouts waste no time – march in gay pride parade
Say Thanks! ExxonMobil votes against special rights for gays
Alternatives to BSA, encourage your church to drop its charter
Urge Congress to punish those responsible for IRS harassment
California parents, escape May 22's 'Harvey Milk Gay Day'
We're printing petitions to the BSA, make sure yours is included
Tell your senators 'No' on same-sex amendment to immigration bill
We CAN handle the truth
This should convince you
Pentagon unblocks Baptist website to military personnel
U.S. Army labels Southern Baptist Convention 'hostile'
Boy Scouts issue resolution draft - you need to see it
Army officer officially labels Christian groups 'domestic hate groups'
If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence' propaganda, keep your child at home April 19
FCC set to drop ban on f-word, nudity on television and radio stations nationwide
Ryan took a stand! So did we! And now...you can too!
These two companies deserve a pat on the back from you
Starbucks CEO to Christian shareholders: Buy stock elsewhere
What two companies are promoting homosexual marriage with TV ads?
The future of scouting - Here are the facts
Home Depot presses forward with more gay support
Watch Pastor's Powerful Response to Tebow Cancellation
Sears pulls from SNL, now contact J.C. Penney
Sears/Kmart's pitiful response to Christians
NBC: A violent and gory mocking of Jesus
One minute action: Ask your legislators to co-sponsor this bill
Arlington National Cemetery told to recognize 'gay' partners as married
Urge AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to resign his post with Boy Scouts
BREAKING NEWS on Boy Scouts of America
The boys are counting on you - Don't let 'em down!
Tell the BSA: Don't change your policy!
To inspire and challenge you in the defense of unborn children
When your child's religious liberty is demanded at the schoolhouse door...fight back
When your child's religious liberty is demanded at the schoolhouse door...
Urge your state lawmakers to protect your Second Amendment rights
Do you support Speaker Boehner and those who voted with him to raise your deficit?
U.S. pastor arrested, held in Iranian jail
Sam's Club, L.L.Bean respond to Naughty or Nice list
Christmas: Your city and schools don't have to cave to atheist threats
Urge your senator to vote 'No' on dangerous UN treaty on disabled persons
Boycott Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic this Christmas
High School Hockey Teams Told to Dump National Anthem
David Jeremiah on election, plus Voter Guide and Resource Kit
Home Depot: gay marriage and gay military
University official punished for conservative position
Schools respond to 'Mix It Up' day, SPLC exposed
Homosexual 'Mix It Up' day - Is your child's school on the list?
Support Hobby Lobby's fight for religious freedoms
High School cheerleaders told no Bible verses on signs
Urge your Senators to co-sponsor this critical bill
Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Freed!
Comparing the 2012 Party Platforms
Nickelodeon standing by actor despite his despicable actions
Home Depot employee says boycott 'is having an effect'
AFA: SPLC's reckless rhetoric linked to FRC shooting
Eleventh Annual 'Truth for Youth' Week - Order your free Bible online now!
Is America worth trying to save?
Government official trying to restrict pastor's speech
Back-To-School: Where families shop (and don't)
Announcing the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on August 1
Tell Office Depot: Leave our kids alone!
Thank the Boy Scouts of America for their stand
J.C. Penney stock crashes with news of gay marriage support(2)
J.C. Penney stock crashes with news of gay marriage support
Sears has a problem telling the truth
Why does Home Depot support this kind of activity?
Congress responds on religious liberty and action needed on the Supreme Court's FCC ruling
Tell your congressional representatives to stand up to Panetta
Principal yanks patriotic song from kindergarten graduation
JC Penney promotes 'gay marriage' with Father's Day ad
Target donating its sales in support of gay marriage laws
Home Depot petitions delivered - see company's response
ABC dumps anti-Christian 'GCB' show after one season
Important information about the boycott of Home Depot
Sears issues a statement regarding its website
Sears resumes selling the worst in human depravity
Tell President Obama to protect Chen Guangcheng
Secretary thrashes religious liberty on Air Force bases
Atheists demand crosses be removed from Marine Corps base
Susan G. Komen donations flow to Planned Parenthood
If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence' propaganda, keep your child at home April 20
The symbol of Home Depot?
Let Kirk Cameron know you support his stand
Tell Hardee's and Carl's Jr. you've had enough!
Don't let Harry Reid bully your religious freedoms any longer
Home Depot forces agenda on employees
Obama tramples religious liberties
Air Force Removes 'God' From Logo
Urge the NFL to stop hiring offensive entertainers
Take Action: Obama mandates pro-abortion policy on faith-based organizations
Superintendent bullies Christian student, calls him 'ignorant'
Home Depot digs in, issues statement to AFA
Home Depot dropping public support for the homosexual agenda?
Presidential debate exposes media's anti-Christian bigotry
Urge Fox to fire Alan Colmes for despicable comments about Santorum infant
Congressmen told not to say 'Merry Christmas' to citizens
Urge your Representative to protect the symbols and traditions of Christmas
Macy's fires Christian for protecting women's dressing rooms from cross-dresser
Rhode Island governor gets rid of capitol 'Christmas' tree
Walgreens responds to flood of calls
Boycott Walgreens, this year's Christmas Scrooge
Tulsa Christians establish a REAL Christmas parade!
Cancer Center bans all Christian symbols of Christmas
Gay weddings coming to your state? Senate voting on repeal of 'one man, one woman' marriage
Obama Admin Opposes Prayer at WWII Memorial
Girl Scouts now allow 'transgendered boys' to join Brownie troops
US Forest Service orders WWII memorial statue of Jesus removed from park
Retailer's 'War on Christmas' already starting - and we're naming names...
NJ school bullies Christian teacher over Facebook posts
VA backs down: no more religious discrimination
Home Depot shows its 'darker side' of gay pride support
Pentagon violates DOMA, allows chaplains to perform same-sex weddings - on military bases!
Pastor about to be executed by Iranian government
Vanderbilt threatens to shut down Christian student groups
AARP uses member resources to advocate same-sex marriage and special rights for immoral behavior
October Pride - Home Depot expands support for gay marriage
Veterans Administration actions insufferable to widows of war veterans
Florida school suspends 'Teacher of Year' over his support for natural marriage
Air Force guilty of religious bigotry - bans Scripture in class
See Home Depot's shocking gay pride parade float
Home Depot truck promotes company as 'HOMO' Depot
Get the deficit under control - urge 'Yes' vote on 'Cut, Cap and Balance!'
Tell Gov. Jerry Brown to VETO SB 48
The nation sinks deeper into red ink
VA Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets
Cisco fires Christian consultant because of his faith
HRC says Home Depot 'secret weapon' in passing New York's gay marriage law
Home Depot Continues Showing Support for Homosexual Marriage
NBC edits 'under God' out of Pledge - twice! Demand an explanation!
Old Navy selling 'gay' shirts - donates profits to activists
Home Depot petitions delivered - see their response
Home Depot special alert - this week is important
See what Home Depot donated in support of - then Sign the Pledge
Navy sanctions gay marriage ceremonies on bases
You won't believe what Sears is selling now
President Obama ignores most holy Christian holiday; AFA calls act intentional.
Eat Mor Chikin! - BuyCott Chick-fil-A next week
Home Depot joins another group urging homosexual marriage
If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence' propaganda, keep your child at home April 15
Video emerges: Home Depot cheers itself for marching in 'gay pride' parade
ABC network set to attack Christianity with 'Good Christian B-tches' show
Boycott growing: 500,000 pledge to boycott The Home Depot
Afghani Christian Said Musa released from prison!
Obama abandons defense of marriage; urge Congress to step in
Afghani convert to Christ about to be executed by Muslim government
Time to defund Planned Parenthood is now - you can help
Tell your congressmen: 'Sign the letter'
Senate bill could lead to overturn of Roe v. Wade
The Home Depot doubles funds to gay activist group
Defend babies in the womb
Urge the Justice Department to investigate MTV network for 'Skins'
'House of Horrors' reveals grisly truth about abortion
ObamaNet - Government issued Internet ID card required for all Americans
Write your Rep - Two remarkable things have happened in Congress
2011 Gay Shoppers Guide: The Home Depot earns high marks as gay-friendly
One minute action - Contact these three companies that ban 'Christmas'
Lame Duck Congress to push through a repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Take Action: Dick's Sporting Goods snubs Christmas
The Home Depot and the mockery of marriage (video proof included)
The Home Depot gives gifts to thousands of homosexual activists
Home Depot exposes children to homosexuality in celebrated style
The Home Depot: See it in their own words
Obama Changes Declaration of Independence to Omit 'Creator'