“Racism straight up” at the DOJ
Monday, July 12, 2010 8:46 AM

Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams quit the department because Attorney General Eric Holder ordered him to ignore a valid subpoena from Congress. To refuse a subpoena is against federal law, and Adams wasn’t about to break federal law, particularly as a member of the Department of Justice, for crying out loud. He rightly reasoned that attorneys in the Justice Department should follow the quaint tradition of obeying and defending the law rather than defying it.


It, of course, is well known that the DOJ dropped charges against the New Black Panthers who were caught on tape intimidating white voters at a polling station in Philadelphia and using racial epithets in the process. The reason, according to Adams? Eric Holder is just not going to prosecute any black defendants, period. Holder’s motto: if you’re black, I’ve got your back.


To borrow a phrase from noted social commentator Janeane Garofalo, this is “racism straight up.”


The blatant racism of the Department of Justice, according to Adams, is about to go on display again.


This case involves an Ike Brown, an African-American Democrat from rural east Mississippi. Here’s what Brown did (quoting Adams):


“Brown canceled ballots cast by white voters. He stuffed the ballot box with illegal ballots supporting his preferred black candidates. He deployed teams of notaries to roam the countryside and mark absentee ballots instead of voters. He allowed forced assistance in the voting booth, to the detriment of white voters. He threatened 174 white voters by declaring that if they tried to participate in an election, he might challenge them and not let them vote. He publicized the 174 names.”


A federal court found that Brown’s actions were “an attempt to discourage white voters from voting in the 2003 Democratic primary.”


Here’s the kicker: the DOJ is in receipt of a submission from Ike Brown which will allow him to do again precisely what he tried in 2003.


The DOJ must respond this week. As Adams points out, for the cost of a postage stamp they can put a stop to Brown’s racially-motivated practices, which abuse the racial minority in his jurisdiction and abrogate the cherished American ideal of one man, one vote.


Adams is predicting that the DOJ will do nothing, thus by inaction allowing Brown to go on intimidating voters based on their color of their skin. Says Adams, “[T]here is an open and pervasive hostility within the DOJ towards using the voting laws to protect all races.”


And here we thought in President Obama’s America we were finally past all that insidiouis racism. Silly us.


Racism is alive and well in America, and it’s being promoted by our president and his hand-picked minions. The DOJ will have an opportunity this week to demonstrate that they believe in equal justice for all voters,even the white ones. Don’t hold your breath