Bryan Fischer: Got your religion of peace right here
Tuesday, December 07, 2010 8:39 AM


By Bryan Fischer 


We’re constantly told ad nauseum and ad infinitum by such illustrious theologians as George W. Bush and Barack Obama that Islam is a religion of peace which sadly has been hijacked by extremists. 


The truth is that Islam is a religion of totalitarianism, violence, murder, and death. The only hijacking being done here is by those misguided souls who are trying to convince us otherwise.  


More proof from Pakistan, where thousands of good, faithful Muslims threatened violence yesterday if the government so much as thinks about pardoning a Christian woman who has been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead for blaspheming the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. 


The dispute that led to her death sentence was triggered by Muslim women who refused to drink water out of the same bowl as this Christian infidel, claiming she had made it unclean. Some kind of argument ensued, and the next thing she knew, she had been sentenced to die. 


She will leave behind a husband and five children, but that is immaterial to these devout Muslims who demand the shedding of the blood of this infidel dog to make amends for whatever it was she said, or did not say, about the beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. 


The reality is that if she is pardoned, she likely will be killed anyway by adherents of the religion of peace. Mobs have repeatedly killed Pakistanis who have been accused of blasphemy, some of them even while in the protective custody of the state. 


Lest you think this is just a bunch of Islamic yahoos bent on mindless revenge, the imam of the largest mosque in Peshawar offered a $5,800 bounty on her head just last Friday at a rally on Islam’s day of worship. Said he, the “sanctity” of Muhammad, peace be upon him, must be protected. 


And lest you think this is just the whacked-out thinking of a renegade man of the cloth, the mass circulation Urdu-language newspaper published an editorial which stated that if authorities do not throw a noose around this woman’s neck and break her neck, the Muslim faithful  “will descend into the field as an army, and will complete the work that the government has been unable to after the verdict against Aasia Bibi.” 


And lest you think this represents just the ranting of a loose cannon newspaper, the Punjab legislature on Friday refused to allow a Christian lawmaker even to bring up the issue of her death sentence. It is just too “sensitve,” you see. But a Muslim lawmaker was allowed to speak, and he called those supporting her release “blasphemers,” a hint that he wants them strung up too. 


In other words, my friends, what we are looking at here is mainstream Islam, the Islam faithfully defended by the courts, the clergy, the legislature, the press, and the people. 


Yep, got your religion of peace right here. 


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