Bryan Fischer: Let Gay Porn Actors Tell Us What the Penalty for Gay Sex Should Be
Wednesday, December 08, 2010 9:55 AM


By Bryan Fischer 


Homosexual sex should be just as against the law as injection drug use is. They represent the two leading modes of transmission for HIV/AIDS, and our policy toward one should be the same as our policy toward the other. 


The Centers for Disease Control - which, by the way, is not the research arm of the American Family Association - says that in the entire history of the AIDS epidemic, 91% of the males who have been diagnosed with the disease contracted it either through having sex with other males or through intravenous drug abuse. Both are lethal forms of behavior, and neither should be endorsed or normalized by any sane society. 


So let’s say we are going to formally and legally penalize such dangerous behavior. This is something we should do out of simple compassion in order to protect future victims; we care about people and want them to live lives that are as long and as healthy as possible. Homosexual sex is clearly not a victimless crime; passive recipients of unprotected gay sex can die as result of what another male does to them in the sex act. 


So what should the penalty be? That’s easy - whatever gay porn actors say it should be. Let’s let gay porn actors tell society what the penalty for unprotected gay sex ought to be. I’m happy to let them take the lead on this issue, and will be happy to support whatever sanctions they recommend. 


According to the Los Angeles Times, homosexual porn actor Derrick Burts tested HIV-positive in October, and says without question that he contracted the disease filming scenes in which he had unprotected sex with a male “performer.” Staff at the clinic where he was tested know who victimized Mr. Burts, but they won’t tell him. 


It’s worthy of note that promiscuous sex in general is a veritable cesspool of sexually transmitted disease. Burts, who has also acted in straight porn films, says that in the months prior to his HIV-positive test, he had contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. He is a walking one-man Typhoid Mark. 


It’s worthy of note that every “performer” with whom he’d “performed” was placed on quarantine until they too could be tested. The porn industry knows the health risks involved here. 


Now Mr. Burts is on a crusade to make condom use mandatory in the filming of all gay sex scenes. 


Of adult film work, Mr. Burts says, "It's very dangerous. It should be required that you wear a condom on the set." 


Now think about this for a moment. If Mr. Burts wants condom use to be mandatory, that means he wants to impose some kind of penalty for unprotected homosexual sex. 


Here’s my suggestion. Let’s follow Mr. Burts’ lead, and use his suggested penalty as the penalty society imposes on all unprotected homosexual sex. 


If unprotected gay sex ought to be penalized on the set, it ought to be penalized off the set, for the simple reason that the health risks are the same. Mr. Burts is on to something here. 


I say we let the victims of gay sex, like Mr. Burts,  tell us what kind of penalty should be imposed on their victimizers. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. 


Homosexual activists will certainly go ballistic over this suggestion, but my response is simple: if we can’t trust a gay porn actor to tell us what’s wrong with unprotected gay sex, who can we trust? 


Now I see no reason why we should stop here. After all, if unprotected gay sex is the problem, then the problem is gay sex. Ultimately we need to get to appropriate sanctions for the act itself. After all, condoms break or don’t get used at all in the heat of the moment. But beginning with sanctions for unprotected gay sex is a place to start. 


After all, look at the trouble Julian Assange is in for engaging in unprotected heterosexual sex. Now we all know that discrimination is bad, as homosexual activists remind us through their constant bleating. So out of our commitment not to discriminate against heterosexuals such as Mr. Assange, we should be prepared to see homosexuals get in the same kind of trouble. It’s only fair. 


So oddly, I will be the one taking the side of the homosexual porn star in this matter, willing to support him in his effort to sanction unprotected gay sex, while irrational and unhinged homosexual activists will try to demonize both him and me. Let’s stand together, Mr. Burts.  


I’m with the gay porn actor on this one. 


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