Bryan Fischer: Jihad in Baltimore: we got lucky again
Thursday, December 09, 2010 9:42 AM


By Bryan Fischer 


A naturalized U.S. citizen, who goes by the name of Muhammad Hussain after just recently converting to Islam, tried to blow up a military recruiting center in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Authorities, naturally freaked out that another member of the religion of peace tried to blow Americans into kingdom come, refused to say where Hussain was born or how or why he converted to Islam. 


He told an FBI informant that his mother just didn’t understand him at all. She apparently wanted him to be, well, a responsible, mature, adult American. "She wants me to be like everybody else, being in school, working," said Hussain. 


His wife, Naimah Ismail-Hussain, however, was naturally supportive. "My wife understands. ... I told her I want to fight jihad. ... She said she doesn't want to stop me." 


Buried at the very end of this Associated Press article is this little nugget: 


Rosenstein (note: the FBI spokesman) stressed that Martinez (his given name) acted alone and that the idea to blow up the military recruitment center was his, not the FBI's. He also noted that Martinez approached four people about the plot. Two declined to help him, one actively tried to dissuade him and the fourth was the informant who turned him into the FBI, Rosenstein said. 


This is chilling when you give it a moment of thought. If any of the first three people he approached had been willing to play ball, we’d still be picking up body parts at the recruiting center. 


It wasn’t until he tried the fourth time that he ran into anybody who was willing to report him to the FBI. Bottom line: it wasn’t skill that stopped this jihadi, it was luck.  


Or better, the providence of God, who still looks after this country despite all we have done to grieve his Spirit, and who protects us, not because of our skill, but in spite of our incompetence and willful blindness about the dangers of homegrown Islam. 


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