Bryan Fischer: 'Good Christian !@#ches' series is a hate crime
Monday, March 07, 2011 11:29 AM


By Bryan Fischer 

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 “Good Christian **tches”series a hate crime: ABC is developing a pilot for a new series entitled "Good Christian Bitches," about snarky Christian women who maliciously gossip about a newcomer. Why, I believe that makes this show a hate crime! It’s religious bigotry, prejudice, animus, stereo-typed based thinking and Christophobia all wrapped up into one. We call for a civil rights investigation! After all, Attorney General Eric Holder is the one who said we can’t have “animus” and “stereo-typed based thinking” in our public life. You can't make a show that disparages gays, or Muslims, or blacks, but you can tee off on Christians all you want. To illustrate, imagine the pilot was entitled “Good Muslim Bitches,” or “Good Jewish Bitches,” or “Good Black Bitches.” The outrage would be deafening. I repeat, by the definition of the left, this entire series is a hate crime. The president just said yesterday that it would be wrong to “demonize” the Muslim community. Well, Mr. President, how about calling on ABC to stop demonizing the Christian community?  

Huckabee is exactly right about Natalie Portman's out-of-wedlock pregnancy. She made two poor life decisions: conceiving a child outside marriage, then celebrating it before the nation. Many young single women in America will be influenced by her example, but will not have the resources she does to address the problems they will create for themselves and their children.  

The scourge of America right now is children growing up in single parent homes; they are six times more likely to wind up in poverty and several times more likely to wind up in jail.  

We can begin to change things by stopping welfare subsidies for illegitimate children. You get more of whatever you subsidize, and right now we give more money to single moms for every additional illegitimate child they bring into the world. Let’s urge them, instead of turning to taxpayers, to turn to their families, their church families, and private charities for help, just as we did from the founding of America until 1965.  

The sign that America is recovering will be when illegitimacy is a scandal and a stigma once again, something to be ashamed of rather than parade before the public. 


Forgiveness and Newt Gingrich: Some well-meaning folks are saying that if someone has major concerns about Newt Gingrich’s marital past, then he hasn’t done his Christian duty to forgive. They argue it’s time to forgive and forget and move on. But forgiveness does not require amnesia. Besides, forgiveness is not the issue here at all. He didn't sin against me. That's a matter between him and his first two wives. The issue is not forgiveness but fitness for public office. He has not once but twice broken the most solemn, sacred vow one human being can make to another. This goes to the issue of character, integrity and trustworthiness. This is going to be a major issue for social conservatives with regard to Gingrich and his run for the Oval Office, and it should be.


 Quoted in New York Times: The New York Times interviewed me on Friday in connection with the decision of Speaker John Boehner to exercise the prerogative of the House to defend DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act). This, of course, comes after the president and his minions abandoned defense of the law essentially on the grounds that the only people who support DOMA and natural marriage are consumed by hate, homophobia and bigotry. This, by the way, would include Bill Clinton, who signed it into law, our current vice-president, Joe Biden, who voted for it, and our current assistant minority leader in the House, Steny Hoyer, who likewise voted for it. Who knew they were such haters and bigots?  

The main point I made to the Times is that DOMA will get a much better defense from Boehner than it ever would have gotten from Obama. Obama's efforts were “tepid and half-hearted” at best, as if he were trying to lose in court, which he probably was. This issue is of such importance that the policy deserves a passionate, energized defense from somebody who actually believes in the institution of natural marriage. If DOMA goes down, natural marriage in all 50 states goes down with it. State constitutional amendments will be struck down, and every state will be forced to give legal recognition to relationships rooted and grounded in sexual deviancy. 

In defense of Mike Huckabee on madrassas: CBS News, CNN, the Washington Post, Fox Nation and Yahoo! News all did stories based on my interview last week with Gov. Huckabee. Yahoo! was about the only outlet that got it right, pointing out that the governor never said that Obama attended a madrassa, only that he grew up in communities which had madrassas, something which is indisputably true. Obama didn’t go to a madrassa, but he did take Islamic classes for three or four years in the elementary school he attended in Indonesia, where he was enrolled officially as a Muslim. There he studied the Koran, memorized it in Arabic, learned all the ways of Islam and had the opportunity to attend a mosque which was right in the courtyard of the school. The difference between that and an official madrassa is obviously one of degree, not kind. 


Got your “Religion of Peace” update right here: Thousands of Muslims in Egypt torched Christian homes and a Christian church because a Christian man was dating a Muslim. The Muslims, after torching the homes, then prevented the fire brigade from reaching the burning houses. The father of the Muslim woman was killed because he wouldn't kill his daughter for dating an infidel. Then a Muslim killed the man who killed the father, and the Muslims blamed the whole thing on the Chrisitians. The priest and deacons likely were burned alive inside church, which was torched - after the cross had been pulled down - when 5 or 6 gas cylinders were exploded inside. Hey, let’s build more mosques in America. 


On the transfer of wealth: Wingers on the religious left moan and wail over responsible budget adjustments. "What would Jesus cut?" is their mantra. But since welfare programs involve the involuntary transfer of wealth - taking money from some citizens by force and giving that money to other citizens - the proper question is, "Who would Jesus rob?" The question answers itself. Jesus did believe and teach the transfer of wealth, but what he taught is the voluntary transfer of wealth, motivated by personal love, compassion and generosity. None of the commands in Scripture to care for the poor are given to government. They are given to us. The Good Samaritan didn’t demand a government program to help the guy in the ditch. He lifted him out with his own hands and pulled money out of his own wallet to provide care for him. The religious left has this issue wrong theologically, culturally, fiscally and politically. 


New Hampshire primary will separate sheep from goats on marriage issue: The New Hampshire legislature will face a vote on same-sex marriage next January, right before the presidential primary. This will flush out GOP candidates on the issues of the sanctity of marriage and the gay agenda. The leading candidates have pretty much been AWOL on DADT and Obama's refusal to defend the institution of marriage in abandoning the defense of DOMA. Getting them on record can't happen a moment too soon. 


Contraception not the solution: Free sex advocates like Planned Parenthood say the key to reducing abortions is contraception, not abstinence. But according to PP's own numbers, 54% of abortive women were using contraceptives when they conceived. These figures are unchanged from 10 years ago. Bottom line: comprehensive sex ed is a disaster; it just doesn't work. Solution: abstinence before marriage, fidelity after, just like the Book says. Works every time it's tried. 


Immigration insanity: The Obama administration has been ordering immigration authorities to let American-made AK-47s into Mexico, if you can believe it. One of those guns was used to murder a ICE agent in Mexico, who was required by U.S. policy to be unarmed while in Mexico, a policy Obama has just renewed. This is criminal and perverse to an astonishing degree, even for Obama. 


More immigration insanity: Border Patrol agents and SWAT teams are under orders, in an encounter with armed drug cartels, to use bean bags first - yes, that’s right bean bags - even if the cartel dudes are using automatic weapons. The result: one dead agent, Brian Terry. 

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