Bryan Fischer: Lightning Round, April 4, 2011
Monday, April 04, 2011 1:02 PM

By Bryan Fischer 

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 From my Twitter Feed: stories, with links, I am working on for today’s program. 

Whoops! Even Charlie Rangel says Obama has no constitutional authority to take us to war in Libya. 

Incoherent, dangerous, fatal. Gates says war in Libya "pretty much a pickup game at this point." US won't arm rebels. 

Cheery news from Libya: we're helping Afghani jihadists and a guy we locked up in Gitmo for six years. Aiding terrorism. 

US jets leave, rebels in Libya fold. Now want cease-fire. Means they know they're toast. We started fire, ran off. 


So much for protecting innocent civilians. US-led airstrikes killed 40 civilians in Tripoli. Obama does not have a clue. 

Obama's jihad aid program: Gadhafi's Libyan bank got 73 loans, $35 billion from Fed Reserve during crisis. 

Farrakhan believes in spiritual warfare - says demons messing with Obama; believes Muslims are the chosen people of God. 

Religion of Peace update: Muslim reaction to burning of Koran in FL: 17 dead, two beheaded, 53+ wounded - in Afghanistan. 

Religion of Peace update: murder mob in Afghan not Taliban - just "ordinary citizens." No such thing as moderate Islam. 

So much for O improving image in Muslim world. Sign in Afghan. before beheadings: "Down with America, down with Obama." 

FL pastor warned: if burned Koran Muslims will kill innocent people. It happened. What does that tell you about Islam? 

Here's my take on Koran burning incident: Jones shouldn't have burned Koran, Muslims shouldn't have cut the heads off innocent people. 

Religion of Peace: Muslims drive Jewish-owned business out of Covent Garden in London. Leaping sharia. 

Coming crisis: in Sept., Muslims will try to get UN to declare that part of Israel belongs to new Palestinian state. 

Sharia taken over Chechnya. Honor killings up, security forces shoot paintball guns at woman who don't wear headscarves. 

Headline: "Radioactive water leaks from crippled plant;" 12th para: "quickly diluted by the vast Pacific Ocean." Hype. 


Headline: "radioactivity 10,000 times standard" in groundwater. Story: no "drinking water supply affected." Hype, fear. 

Headline screams: "First Deaths" at nuclear plant. Then read story: killed by earthquake, not radiation. Oh. Hype, fear. 

Boehner afraid of the wrong people. He's afraid of the Washington Post & New York Times when ought to be scared to death of the Tea Party. 


Price of gas has doubled since Obama took office. At a comparable time in Bush administration, gas was up 7%. 


More from the "do as I say, not as I do president:" every federal vehicle has to be green by 2015 - except for his. 

Turns out CO2 emissions dropped 15% during Bush administration. Ought to be an award-winning hero to greenies. 

Don't believe Obama when says taxpayers will make money on GM bailout. True fact: will cost taxpayers $84 billion. 

O says Wall Streeters can't make more than $500,000. But gave top execs at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac $17 mill last 2 years. 

The real numbers according to Gallup: 10% unemployment in March, 19.3% underemployment. Obama says 8.8%: cooking books. 

Food stamp participation now 44 mill, up 14 mill since O took office. Creating 14 million new poor people is recovery? 

Utter absurdity: 2x as many people (22.5 mill) working for govt as in manufacturing (11.5 mill), reverse of 1960 numbers. 

More Americans work for govt than in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining, utilities combined. 

Public ed: spending 2x what we did in 1970, have 2x number of school employees. Results: no improvement in test scores. 

Real issue in WI: mandatory govt collection of union dues. When teachers have choice, 95% of them don't pay union dues. 

From the govt, here to help dept: Census folks harass couple, threaten $2,000 fine if don't fill out intrusive survey. 

Wonders of govt-run healthcare: govt. health exec dies in own hospital, waited 9 months for surgery, postponed four times. 

Pass it to find out... ObamaCare has $5 billion slush fund for unions, state employees, big business for early retirees. 

ObamaCare health slush fund: $207 mill to UAW, $140 mill to AT&T, $37 mill to GE (paid no taxes last year,) GM $19 mill. 

Romney says Obama should have called him to find out everything that was wrong with RomneyCare. This his defense? 

From the govt, here to help: 228,000 restaurants must retool menus, show calorie counts. Theaters, bowling alleys exempt. 

From the govt, here to help dept: feds looking for oil in gulf find no oil, kill 3 dolphins. 

Dems hate democracy dept: woman in WI arrested for death threats against Repubs -"put a nice little bullet in your head." 

Dems hate democracy dept: Trying to access health records, not of Sen. Scott Brown, but of his wife and daughters. 


US printing money sted cutting spending to deal with debt. Result: serious inflation starting in June: Walmart head. 

Insanity: 70% of money Fed loaned to banks in 2008 to stem crisis went out of the country to overseas banks. 


Racism straight up: lawmakers file lawsuit filed to dissolve cities because of the skin color of their residents. 


Fed auditor says can only stop illegal immigration on 129 mi. of 1954 mi. border with Mexico. Sound secure to you? 

More border security from Janet Napolitano: orders federal agents NOT to arrest illegal aliens. 


At least 12,000 non-citizens registered to vote in CO alone. But since mostly harms whites, don't expect DOJ to bother. 


Pentagon to spend $600,000 on statue of gurgling toad. 2500 people will see it. Not making this up. Nope, no waste here. 

Brazilians have to build walls around homes. Why? Brazil has very strict gun control law. Only criminals have guns. 

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