Bryan Fischer: Romney goes full Etch-A-Sketch twice on gay agenda
Wednesday, May 02, 2012 8:12 AM

By Bryan Fischer 

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Richard Grenell, the homosexual activist Mitt Romney hired to be his face on foreign policy, abruptly resigned yesterday. Many outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, the Huffington Post, Salon, BuzzFeed and the Washington Examiner reported that pro-family criticism - largely from your humble correspondent - was responsible. 

Politico even reported that the Washington Post accused me of “hound(ing)” Grenell right out of the Romney campaign. 

The Grenell hire was bad from jump street. Speaking of hounding, Grenell had as recently as a month ago landed like a falling safe on journalist Jonathan Capehart for “sipping wine” with President Obama instead of beating him about the head and shoulders for not publicly supporting gay marriage. 

Grenell resigned from the Bush administration because the Bush administration was not accommodating enough on the gay agenda. The Bush folks would not list Grenell’s gay partner on official U.N. registry lists, because the Defense of Marriage Act - you know, the law passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities and signed into law by Democrat Bill Clinton - prohibited it. 

The fact that Romney would make a splash out of hiring someone who was a crusader for homosexual marriage naturally rang alarm bells in the pro-marriage community. I was simply the first to wave the caution flag. I was soon joined by Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Dan Gainor, the Daily Caller, and Matthew Franck of National Review Online. 

Romney, faced with an immediate wave of criticism from supporters of natural marriage, hid Grenell in the proverbial closet. He was hired to be a spokesman on foreign policy, but had been noticeably invisible from the day he was hired, despite all the dust in the air this past week over the anniversary of bin Laden’s death. 

The Romney camp realized immediately that they had, as I said in my first piece on the subject, “stepped on a landmine,” and scrambled to undo the damage from this self-detonated IED as quickly as possible. 

So Romney went the full Etch-A-Sketch on us twice. He campaigned in the primary as a champion of natural marriage. Then as soon as he locked up the nomination, he shook the tablet clean and hired a same-sex marriage zealot as his spokesman. Then when the windsock shifted directions again, he shook the tablet once more and all traces of Richard Grenell disappeared. If the governor is not careful, he’s going to sprain his wrist one of these days shaking that thing. 

Gov. Romney is a politician rather than a statesman. While he will not do the right thing out of political conviction, he will do the right thing out of political convenience. This represents both a great challenge and a great opportunity for the pro-family community, since the governor has demonstrated in the Grenell affair that he is maneuverable. 

The Grenell resignation represents a huge win for the forces defending the family in America, since it will be a long time before the governor appoints another homosexual activist to a prominent position in his campaign. 

While the governor may be privately complaining about our public criticism, the bottom line here is that he has done the right thing, for whatever reasons, and the truth is that pro-family activists have done him a huge favor here. The Grenell hire was going to be problematic for the governor with the evangelical base, without which he cannot win, and the sooner he was shuck of this baggage the better.  

Since Gov. Romney will do the right thing when it is politically expedient, it’s our job to make it politically expedient for him to do the right thing on as many issues as possible. Let’s get cracking. 

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