Bryan Fischer: Gov. Romney goes Triple Etch-A-Sketch on homosexuality
Friday, May 04, 2012 12:14 PM

By Bryan Fischer 

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The Romney circus is becoming the theater of the absurd. 

Richard Grenell, the homosexual marriage crusader Mitt Romney hired to be his foreign policy spokesman, is gone because Romney wanted him gone. Romney's camp said not a single solitary word in his defense when the issue of his gay activism was raised. 

They slapped duct tape on his mouth to keep him from saying a word, even on a conference call he himself organized (some "spokesman," eh?), then remained studiously silent until he got the message and fell on his sword. 

And now Gov. Romney and his minions, according to the Washington Post, are trying to blame the whole thing on me, by calling me along with others “voices of intolerance.” 

This is a classic triple Romney Etch-A-Sketch moment: 

1. Throw conservatives under the bus by hiring Grenell as a shout-out to the homosexual lobby. 

2. Throw Grenell under the bus when supporters of natural marriage complain. 

3. Then throw conservatives under the bus again to give another shout-out to the homosexual lobby. 

You can get whiplash trying to stay up with this guy. 

The Mormon church of which the governor is so fond officially says that homosexual acts are “offensive to God.” I am still waiting for someone in the media to do his job and ask him if he agrees with his own church. Does he think the leaders of his own church are "voices of intolerance?" Inquiring minds - including mine - want to know. 

Realize that Romney and his camp are now in effect calling the leaders of his own church homophobic bigots. 

The church's most prominent member is in effect insulting them by labeling as intolerant homophobes any who would say that homosexual acts are "sinful" and "offensive." What do the leaders of the LDS church think about that? Inquiring minds - including mine - want to know. Will anybody in the media ask them? 

Here is the problem for Gov. Romney: when it comes to how we view homosexual behavior, I'm more Mormon than he is. 

I'm with the Mormon church on this one, and the governor is not. 

The governor is now throwing his entire church under the bus. It's getting crowded under here. Will anybody stop him before it's too late? 

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