Bryan Fischer: First Amendment lives, IRS surrenders in war on pastors
Monday, October 29, 2012 8:56 AM

By Bryan Fischer 

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We are, as I say every day at the end of my program, fighting a winnable war. The latest victory news flash comes, believe it or not, from the IRS, which has thrown in the towel on even trying to go after churches who get too political for their tyrannical taste. 

According to Christianity Today, the IRS "has officially halted tax audits of churches," at least for now. The snafu, according to the IRS, has to do with bureaucratic red tape. The implication is that once they get the tape untangled, they just might lurch right back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition. 

But for now, preachers and churches can get as political as they want. 

In point of fact, the real snafu here for the IRS is not their own bureaucratic incompetence but the Constitution of the United States. 

The First Amendment flatly prohibits "Congress" from "mak(ing) a law...prohibiting the free exercise" of religion. You cannot interfere any more egregiously with religious freedom than by having an agency of the federal government dictate to pastors the content of their sermons. 

But this is exactly what the IRS has been trying to do since 1954, when Congress passed a law forbidding non-profits, which include churches, from engaging in partisan politics. 

Pastors were told if they endorsed a candidate from the pulpit, the dark power of the central government would land on them like a falling safe. Thus the federal government threatened to violate a pastor's freedom of religion, speech, press (in the form of printed sermons) and assembly all in one breathtaking swoop. 

Now no one is saying that pastors MUST endorse candidates or get involved directly in politics. That's up to them, their conscience, and their God. But from this day forward they can make that choice without fear of heavy-handed interference from a government which is supposed to protect their rights, not trample them. 

So constitutional freedom has now been restored to every pastor, every pulpit and every church in the land. It is a great day for liberty in the United States. 

And just in time for the single most important election in our nation's history, an election which will determine whether America even has a future. 

The choice between America's two parties is no longer political but moral. One party stands for infanticide, sodomy-based marriage, and the removal of God from public life. The other stands for the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, and the public acknowledgement of the God who is the source of every single one of our unalienable rights. 

And starting today, pastors are free to shout that from the rooftops. Gentlemen, start your engines! 

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