Bryan Fischer: Secret to school safety: God and a loaded gun
Friday, January 04, 2013 10:07 AM

By Bryan Fischer 

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Sandy Hook elementary has reopened, this time with armed law enforcement on site.  

In other words, school officials have taken the recommendation of the NRA that we ought to have an armed and trained presence on every school campus. This works so well that Newtown officials are already trumpeting that this school is “the safest school in America.” 

Let’s see the liberals try to pry the weapons out of the cold, dead fingers of these police officers. They’ll have to go through a whole passel of parents first. 

I’ve often said that the solution to campus safety is simple: “God and a loaded gun.”  

(That’s also true, by the way, for home security. When I lived in Idaho, a man came by and tried to sell me a security system. “I already have one,” I said. “O yeah,” he said, “what?” “God and a loaded gun.”) 

An armed presence on elementary school campuses has worked for decades in Israel, which, by the way, uses trained volunteers and hasn’t had a mass shooting at at a school in almost 40 years.  

Sandy Hook now has loaded guns back on campus. The next step is to invite God back into their classrooms. 

The Psalmist whom Ben Franklin quoted at the Constitutional Convention, when he urged daily prayer, said “Unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchmen stand guard in vain” (Psalm 127:1). The Scriptures make it clear that we don’t just need God, we also need watchmen, and good for Sandy Hook officials to finally catch up with the ancient wisdom of Solomon. 

But the wisest man who ever lived pointed out that without invoking the aid of God and his watchful protection, all the armed guards in the world will ultimately prove useless. It’s not just “a loaded gun,” nor is it just “God alone.” The solution is “God AND a loaded gun.” 

As Nehemiah put it, in describing the steps they took in his day to protect his city and nation, “We prayed to our God AND set a guard” (Nehemiah 4:). (Emphasis mine throughout) Nehemiah and his colleagues didn’t just “pray to our God,” nor did they just “set a guard.” No, they prayed to their God and they set a guard. God and a loaded gun, just as I have been saying since day one of this tragic school shooting. 

Once again we see that the counsel that could have saved 26 lives at Newtown has been embedded in the Scriptures for centuries, only to be ignored and rejected by modern man, arrogantly convinced that he is smarter than God and his word. 

It’s worth remembering, by the way, that the review panel that looked into the shooting deaths of 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007 concluded that a ban on high-capacity magazines - being pushed right now today in Congress by Democrats - would have done nothing, nothing at all, to stop the shooter.  

The reason? He was firing at unarmed people and so had plenty of time to reload at leisure. Six ten-round mags would have worked just as well as two 30-round mags. 

A newspaper in New York recently published the addresses of everyone in a two-county area who owns guns. The people that ought to be outraged at this are their next door neighbors, because this paper just told the bad guys which houses to hit. Anybody who thinks mere gun possession is not a deterrent ought to track home burglaries over the next six months in these two counties. 

GOP leader Rep. Peter King wondered aloud yesterday, “I really don’t know why people need assault weapons.” He thus betrayed an abysmal and dangerous ignorance of the very Constitution he had just taken a sacred oath to uphold and defend. 

The Founders knew exactly why the American people needed “assault weapons:” for self-defense against the “merciless Indian savages” who surrounded them (to borrow Thomas Jefferson’s words from the Declaration), and to serve as “the palladium of the liberties of a republic” (to borrow words from Justice Joseph Story), against a tyrannical and abusive central government. 

The Founders state explicitly in the Second Amendment that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” is “necessary to the security of a free State.” Note that “State” is capitalized, referring to each of the original 13 States in the United States of America.  

Who did these States need protection from? Well, Indians, the Crown, AND their own central government. The central government was forbidden to confiscate the arms of the American people because the Founders saw that the day might come when the people would need arms to defend themselves and their God-given rights even against the very federal government that they themselves had created in the Constitution. 

The war to protect and preserve American independence was fought, Rep. King, with “assault weapons.” Were it not for these “assault weapons,” there would be no United States of America and no Congress in which you would be allowed to serve. 

It’s long past time for Rep. King, every member of Congress, and every citizen of the United States to get a little remedial education in the Constitution. We’ll all be smarter, wiser, and most importantly, safer than we are today. 

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