Ray Rooney, Jr.: America, Where Are You?
Tuesday, July 02, 2013 3:20 PM

I don’t know what to make of America any more.  I am a middle-aged guy who has been married to the same woman for thirty one years with four kids (two of them grown).  I love God and country.  I believe in justice for all, the American dream, and American exceptionalism.  I believe in the integrity, wisdom, courage, and patriotism of our Founding Fathers.  I believe the Constitution with its Bill of Rights is an inspired document that has stood the test of time and remains just as viable and relevant today as it was when ratified in the late 1780’s.  

It’s all under attack now.  From a national perspective, what does marriage even mean anymore?  With the sexual revolution in the sixties and seventies divorce went from rare to rampant.  Co-habitation outside of marriage became and remains prevalent.  And now our government has decided it has the authority and power to completely redefine marriage.  I know what being married to my wife means to us, God, and the community of faith but I don’t know what it means in the context of my life as an American any more.

Parenting is under assault too.  I know how hard it is to raise children.  But my wife and I have done it and continue to do it.  How is it that my own government seeks to undermine my role and authority as a parent by providing children with abortifacient drugs and condoms without my knowledge or consent?  Or to tell my kids they will have to leave their religious faith and convictions (if they happen to be Christian) at the door of the school? 

The entire American family is under attack by an entitlement mentality in our government.  The more free money, food, phones, etc. that our government hands  out with little or no accountability involved, the more substance abuse takes hold, violence becomes widespread, and dependent parents are on someone else to do what they are supposed to be doing for themselves.  The land of opportunity has become the incubator of addiction.  Why would anyone want to go out and find a job working 40 hours a week when the government will pay you more to stay home?  As a matter of fact it will give you even more money if you will stay home and have more children. 

When it comes to American pride and the belief that something very special happened when this country came into existence, all that seems to be out the window.  Everyone knows that the current Administration has been on a five year apology tour throughout the world.  The President has called his own citizens “arrogant” and “dismissive.”  Patriotism used to refer to one’s love of country.  Now it means love and trust of big government.  If you really want to know just how far away from the Founder’s concept of patriotism we have gone then take note of how our government is treating our wounded warriors and combat veterans. 

Then comes the will of the people.  Over and over again American citizens exercise their right to vote and some member of the judicial branch of government will negate it.  Men and women who are not elected by the people continue to unconstitutionally set aside the express will of the electorate when results do not favor a political agenda.  One judge or one court says, “You don’t know what you are doing. We know what is best for you.”  And the vote is wiped away with the stroke of a judge’s pen.  It’s nothing less than judicial tyranny. 

Most distressing of all is the orchestrated government assault on our religious liberties.  Even a cursory review of historical documents and national artifacts makes it overtly clear that freedom of speech and religion were held to be absolutely sacred by our Founding Fathers.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” declares the First Amendment.  How much more hostile can government entities and agencies become?  Have you heard or seen what is going on in the military regarding prohibitions against Christian views and expressions?  Students (and teachers) are being censored from expressions of faith across the nation.  In the news today is the story of a college student who was ordered by a school official to remove her Cross.  Go to Google and type in “student forbidden from wearing cross” and you’ll see page after page of stories from schools across our nation about kids facing punitive consequences for expressing their Christian faith.  This is the land of the free?

If there is a bright side to the decline of all that has made America the envy of the world and the hope of all those who have lived under despotic regimes around the world for the past 237 years it is this: I think I am having an experiential taste of what those who founded America underwent in their home countries prompting them to seek something better.  I have read about why those who came here did so.  Now I am living it.  I yearn for the land of the free.  Where the role of government is to uphold the will of the people; not find a way around it.  Where pride is measured in terms of sacrifice; not coming out of some closet.  Where there is “a firm reliance on the protection of the Divine Providence” (from the Declaration of Independence); not a dependency on governmental handouts.  Where opportunities abound; not government mandates. 

Thomas Payne wrote in 1776 “What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly…”  A nation founded upon universal sacrifice has moved away from that foundation.  The “pursuit of happiness” has been severed from life and liberty making it an idol rather than “a certain unalienable right.” 

I believe in what America stands for.  I fear where she is heading.  Hope for a return to the America our Founding Fathers created depends on those who believe in the faith and ideals underscored in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, standing courageously and sacrificially during a time of unparalleled wanton selfishness.  Do we have the resolve and determination our Founders had?  We shall soon see.

God bless America.

Ray Rooney, Jr.