Ray Rooney, Jr.: Longing For a Return to COMMON SENSE
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 7:46 AM

The world is certainly getting to be a harder place to live in.  Some of it has to do with politics.  Some of it has to do with waning spirituality.  Some of it has to do with selfishness.  I suppose there could be a laundry list of reasons why things are getting tougher.  But I have a solution that would make things better for everyone (not just people who believe, think, and live like me).  Think about how much safer, enjoyable, and easier it would be if a majority of folks would simply come back to the realm of…COMMON SENSE.

In the realm of politics and government COMMON SENSE tells us that less is better.  The less the government spends the more private enterprise thrives.  The less the government legislates the more freedoms the people have.  The more the government provides in entitlements with little or no accountability or responsibility from the people the more the people become dependent on someone else to provide for their essentials.  COMMON SENSE tells you that if you have raised the debt ceiling a hundred times and each time you did so the debt increased, raising the debt ceiling increases debt.  COMMON SENSE tells you that if all the 9/11 terrorists were Muslim men that you will not help homeland security by having the TSA pat down elderly women, children in strollers, and wounded veterans in wheelchairs.  COMMON SENSE tells us criminals do not abide by laws so any gun control legislation will not make one whit of difference to those who purchase and use guns illegally.  All gun control will ever do is make law abiding citizens more vulnerable to criminals.

Another realm that could use a healthy dose of COMMON SENSE is sexuality.  A child in elementary school using his or her government issued science textbook that teaches anatomy and biology has enough brain power to figure out homosexuality is a) not natural and b) would result in human extinction if embraced by a majority of people.  According to the CDC website in 2011 of the 38,824 new diagnoses of HIV infection 30,573 of them were caused by male on male sexual encounters.  COMMON SENSE tells us after looking at that that nature abhors homosexuality.  Again, according to the CDC website we find in the latest data (2011) that there are 20 million new cases of STD’s annually!  COMMON SENSE says that sex education in schools is not working.  COMMON SENSE says that abstinence is the only way to guarantee a life free from the misery, humiliation, and pain of sexually transmitted diseases.

Of all the realms you would think COMMON SENSE would be embraced and utilized it would be in education.  But no, not even among those who hold advanced degrees does sanity remain.  A 7 (s-e-v-e-n) year old boy was suspended from school for eating his Pop Tart into a shape that resembled a pistol.  A seventeen year old Georgia student was arrested when his car was searched and a knife was found in his fishing tackle box.  Two seventh grade students in Virginia were suspended from school for playing with toy guns on their own property while waiting to be picked up by a school bus.  In Pennsylvania a five year old girl was deemed a “terrorist threat” and suspended from kindergarten because she threatened to shoot a classmate with a toy bubble gun.  Those who made the decisions to suspend or have arrested these school children were all educators who at a minimum hold Master’s Degrees.  Apparently, the Universities that conferred those degrees upon their graduating classes did not require even a modicum of COMMON SENSE from their students.

And last, but sadly not least, we delve into the religious realm noting the desertion of COMMON SENSE.  When the Church abandons its core belief that sin is destructive and its chief mission is to turn people away from sin and towards God it has given up COMMON SENSE.  Those religious leaders and denominations that have embraced the practice of homosexuality as not only normative but godly despite the crystal clear biblical assertion in both testaments that it is a sin have traded their COMMON SENSE for worldly affirmation.  When is the last time you heard of a leading church/denominational official make a public appeal for corporate repentance?  The only thing in recent memory that I can think of are public pronouncements advocating repentance for racism.  Is that the only sin anymore?  The divorce rate in the church mirrors that in society.  Where is the call for repentance of the sin of divorce?  That is just an example.  I am not saying that church officials should necessarily publicly call out specific sins and advocate repentance.  But if repentance is no longer a major concern for the Church then members of the Body of Christ have forsaken COMMON SENSE.  Church is not about affirming culture but transforming it.  The Bible is not a document in evolution.  It is the Word of God that endures forever.  

In 1997 Martin Gross wrote The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America.  Sixteen years have passed and things have only gotten worse.  Gross wrote,

         On every societal front, nonsense is replacing good sense in our once-pragmatic nation.   It is accompanied by a distortion of thought that weakens our ability to distinguish truth from falsity, the basic skill of a civilized society. 

The wholesale abandonment of COMMON SENSE is the rejection of what everyone knows to be true.  When we get to the point that truth itself is subjectivized there is little left to hope for.  “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

Ray Rooney, Jr.

Gross, Martin L.  The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America. (New York: Avon Books, 1997), p. 11.