Ray Rooney, Jr.: I Love Being “Right”
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 2:50 PM

The quickest way to get a country boy’s dander up is to in any way assault his/her family.  Say what you want about me but be very careful what you say about my wife or kids in my hearing.  Where I come from an attack on any member of the family is not only considered an attack on the entire family it is also considered a slander against the family’s integrity.  It will not be tolerated. 

To a lot of people that may come across as back-woodsy, thin-skinned, and even unchristian.  You may mean ignorant and without class by “back-woodsy” but in most of rural America we pride ourselves on helping one another out in our families and communities.  Honor and integrity still mean something to us.  So too does the word “sacrifice.”  By “thin-skinned” you might think we cannot take valid criticism.  We can take fair minded criticism if you can take the unmitigated truth.  I can take the pejorative that I “hold to guns and Bibles” if you will acknowledge that criminals could care less what gun control laws you want passed and that doing so only puts at risk those (like me and mine) who abide by laws.  I can take being called a religious fanatic because I believe the Bible if you can take being called a nut case for believing in man-made global warming in the midst of the coldest winter on record, and that it is an empirical fact that the ice caps are getting bigger, and the median temperature of the Earth is dropping, not rising.  And if you want to call my opposition to homosexuality (by far and away the largest conduit of AIDS and a host of other STD’s), granting amnesty to everyone who came to this country illegally, and taking from those who work to give to those who won’t in the name of fairness “unchristian” that’s okay by me.  You see, I’ve read the Bible (and continue to do so) so I know what it says about sexual immorality, cheating, and laziness.  The only people you can twist the Scriptures to are those who are unfamiliar with them.

What the liberal left in both politics and religion is counting on is that those who stand for the truth will eventually get worn down with the innuendo.  Tired of the court battles.  Afraid of the personal assaults on our way of life and integrity.  They are hoping we will betray our conscience and family by surrendering our kids to their educational philosophies and policies.  That we will forget about supporting our places of worship.  That we will begin to worry more about fitting in than standing apart.

But I have disheartening news for them.  If by “the Right” you mean those who love God, believe in personal responsibility (and expect it from others), and continue to get in the way of those who seek to undermine our constitutionally guaranteed rights and liberties…we aren’t going away anytime soon.  We will not be surrendering our children, arms, or religious liberties just so you can assuage your own personal guilt(s).  I, and many more like me, will continue to stand for faith, family, and freedom no matter how difficult you try to make it for us.  You see, its not just about me.  Its about my family, my community, and my country.  We love being “Right.”

Ray Rooney, Jr.