11/6/09-Dr. Wildmon is going home for Thanksgiving

The entire Wildmon family and the AFA/AFR staff are thankful for your prayers and notes of concern over the past several months.  Because of his continued improvement and progress, the doctors have set a target date of November 20 for Dr. Wildmon to go home.  Please continue to pray for him and a full recovery. 

10/23/09-Dr. Wildmon continues to improve

Don is responding remarkably well to therapy.  His family and doctors are very pleased with his progress.  Please continue to pray for him and his family.

10/9/09-Your prayers are being answered

Your prayers are being answered.  Don is responding much better to his rehabilitation.  The doctors are reducing medications and are pleased with his progress.  Please remember him and the Wildmon family members as they continue to be with him through his hospital stay.

10/02/09-Don Wildmon continues rehabilitation

Don Wildmon is continuing rehabilitation.  The therapists began putting him through a more rigorous physical rehabilitation program. We are praying that his recovery will continue at a rapid pace. We appreciate your continued prayers for his recovery. We would also covet your prayers for the ministry of AFA as a whole and for Tim as he leads the ministry during his father's absence.

9/25/09-Bro. Don Wildmon continues to improve

Between your prayers and good medical attention, Bro. Don Wildmon continues to improve in his recovery from encephalitis. This week, he was transferred to a rehab unit where doctors have moved him into more rigorous physical therapy. In addition, the feeding tube has been removed from his throat so that he can eat more soft foods, the throat can begin to heal – and he can talk more easily. His family and the AFA family cannot say thank you enough for your prayers. Keep praying and may God bless you for it!

9/18/09-Dr. Wildmon continues to show steady progress.

Don Wildmon’s family and the AFA staff appreciate your prayers for his continued recovery and for our work at AFA in his absence. Bro. Don continues to show slow but steady progress in his recovery, including greater ability to eat and increased mobility. We look forward to doctors stepping up the level of physical therapy to help him recover from weeks or inactivity. Please keep praying for his speedy recovery.

9/11/09-Dr. Wildmon continues to improve. 

Dr. Wildmon remains in the hospital.  He is steadily showing improvement.  He is now able to swallow food without the need for a feeding tube.  He is still receiving physical therapy each day.  Please pray that his vitals remain normal and that he will be able to move to the next level of therapy. 

9/2/09-Dr. Wildmon diagnosed with St. Louis Encephalitis.

Dr. Wildmon continues to improve. It took a while, but doctors finally settled on the diagnosis of St. Louis encephalitis. He has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a private room, and physical therapists are already working with him. Though he continues to be weak and recovery slow, his mind is clearly focused and lucid when the family has conversation with him. Doctors still advise the family that his recovery time is likely to be lengthy. Pray for his strength, for quick physical recovery.  Please send an email to Dr. Wildmon at GetWellDon@afa.net.

8/28/09-Wildmon remains in hospital and making progress.

The staff of AFA and the family of Dr. Wildmon would like to thank you for your expression of concern.  Dr. Wildmon remains in the hospital and is making progress.  Please continue to remember him and the Wildmon family in your prayers.

8/24/09-Wildmon more responsive and conversive

Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of AFA, still remains in the Intensive Care Unit at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, MS.  "Dad was more responsive and conversive Sunday. His vital signs have remained good. The disease makes him sleep almost all the time. We are praying that he will 'wake up' soon so he can begin rehab. It will be a long road, however, to full recovery when he gets out of the hospital," said Tim Wildmon, son of Dr. Donald Wildmon.  Please continue to pray for Dr. Wildmon and his family. 

8/21/09-Wildmon continuing to improve

Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of AFA, remains in the Intensive Care Unit at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, MS. He is responding to family members and his vital signs are good.  Please continue to pray for Dr. Wildmon and his family.

8/19/09-Wildmon critical, but improving

The Wildmon family along with the AFA staff would like to thank our supporters for the outpouring of prayers, love and concern for our beloved family member and leader, Don Wildmon. Bro. Don’s wife, Lynda, said today that although her husband was still in critical condition, he was responsive and, at times, conversant. She said doctors are advising that her husband is not out of the woods yet but that they are cautiously optimistic about his recovery.

Important Note About our Founder Don Wildmon

August 18, 2009

As has been reported, my dad, Don Wildmon, was admitted to the North Mississippi Medical Center over the weekend and diagnosed with a serious case of meningitis. He has been in intensive care for three days, but has shown some signs of improvement in the last 24/48 hours. We are taking it day by day. We thank all those who have let us know they are praying for Dad, our family and the AFA/AFR family. Dad has served the Lord for many years and he is in His hands.

If you would like to send a Get Well greeting or card to Don, address it to: Don Wildmon, PO Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS  38803.  Or, you can email your greeting to GetWellDon@afa.net.  

In the meantime, AFA will continue to tackle the moral issues confronting our country and give leadership to those who have trusted us for over 32 years now. I will assume the day to day responsibilities of leading the ministry and thank God that he has blessed us with a very dedicated and loyal team of co-laborers here at AFA.





Tim Wildmon,
American Family Association