One company says 'Yes' to Christmas, and one says 'No'

September 22, 2009

A few years ago American Family Association noticed a trend among major corporations (which profit from Christmas sales) not wanting to recognize Christmas. Since that time we have been making the public aware of these companies while applauding those companies which are not making the "politically correct" decision to censor the word "Christmas."

We are pleased to see the Sears company is already offering a "Christmas Club" on its website. You may recall, AFA asked our supporters to contact Sears three years ago when it too was avoiding the word and Sears responding positively. Thank Sears the next time you visit one of their stores.

Well known retailer The Gap, on the other hand, has clearly indicated it WILL NOT use the term "Christmas" in any of its promotional advertising again this year. AFA has repeatedly contacted The Gap and spokesmen say they "don't want to offend anyone" by using the word Christmas. The Gap also owns Old Navy and Banana Republic.

We want you to stand with us and other Christians in proclaiming that Christmas is special, not just any winter holiday. And the gift buying that Americans do for one another is because of Christmas. People don't exchange gifts on Thanksgiving or New Year's Day.

Here's how you can take a stand for Christmas. AFA is making available an attractive button and sticker that carry this thought-provoking, Gospel-focused message: "God's Gift: Merry Christmas."

Purchase enough buttons for each member of your church and enough glossy stickers for each family to have one to go on their automobiles. Urge your fellow members to wear their buttons and display the glossy stickers during the entire Christmas season.

I'm asking individuals like you in thousands of communities across the nation to head up this project in their local churches. Your willingness to underwrite the cost for your church and enthusiastically promote this project is the key to making an impact in your area.

Order your pack of 10 buttons today, or, sponsor your entire church by choosing a Large or Small Church Packet or the NEW Display Box of 250 buttons.  And, we will include FREE SHIPPING on all Christmas buttons and stickers.  Click here to order.