ObamaCare will make criminals of non-participants, ration care to seniors

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According to a healthcare expert, the health care plan currently being debated in the United States Senate (America's Healthy Future Act) will fine Americans up to $1,900 if they do not purchase health insurance, and if they refuse to pay the fine, they can be thrown in jail for a year or fined $25,000. And the IRS would be the government agency coming after you to collect. Dennis Smith is a senior fellow in healthcare reform at The Heritage Foundation's Center for Health Policy Studies. He says that penalty is just one of the many "hidden, unknown consequences" in the legislation. (Baucus' proposal contains 'hidden consequences')

The plan will also force severe rationing of health care to seniors by penalizing the 10% of doctors who submit the most in reimbursements to Medicare. This inevitably will pressure doctors to prescribe fewer and cheaper treatments just to avoid being the one doctor in 10 whose pay will be docked.

Since there will be a top 10% every year, doctors are likely to severely restrict treatment anywhere and everywhere they can, because they will have no way of knowing where the threshold is. ...

The bottom line is that ObamaCare will send folks who can't afford insurance to jail and will result in rationing of care to seniors. That makes it bad for Americans of all ages.