God returns to the Capitol Visitors Center

Congressman says YOU and your AFA made the difference!

October 6, 2009

When the $621 million Capitol Visitors Center opened last year, somebody was conspicuously absent at the opening ceremony: God.

Virtually all references to the role that faith in God played in the founding and development of the United States had been scrubbed from displays.

The secular fundamentalists who designed the exhibits even mistakenly said that our national motto is "E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One") and engraved it on stone, while the actual motto, "In God We Trust," was nowhere to be found in the 580,000 square feet of the CVC.

While there was plenty of room for mentions of Earth Day, AIDS rallies and casinos, there apparently was no room for God.

Your actions stirred the CVC to restore our nation's motto!But thanks to Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), the Congressional Prayer Caucus, and you – yes, you – the oversight has been corrected and visitors to the center now see "In God We Trust" engraved over the entrance.

Rep. Forbes sent a special letter of thanks to Don Wildmon and the American Family Association for the help the AFA provided in correcting this egregious oversight. Your response to our Action Alerts on this important matter clearly made a difference, and everyone who comes to the Capitol Visitors Center from this day forward will notice.

Because Rep. Forbes staff is extremely busy, we don't want to overwhelm him with emails.  Therefore, we have thanked him on behalf of all AFA Action Alert supporters. 

Thanks to you, we and our children can enjoy this significant victory in our quest to preserve America's godly heritage.

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