Tell Congress to vote 'No!' on 'thought crimes' bill

Urgent: E-mail your representative and two senators today!

October 7, 2009

In its never-ending quest to shred America's Judeo-Christian value system, the left is planning to hurriedly push through a "thought crimes" bill.

So-called "hate crimes" laws are really laws that criminalize thought, because they punish an individual not for what he did but for what he thought. Politically incorrect thoughts about homosexual behavior will result in enhanced criminal sanctions under this law.

Everywhere hate crimes laws have gone into effect, they have been quickly used to intimidate, silence and punish people of faith who express deeply held religious objections to the normalization of homosexuality.

Such laws not only punish officially disapproved speech and thought, they create two tiers of victims. Under hate crimes laws, some victims get more protections than others, which violates the fundamental American principle of equality under the law.

In fact, such laws actively discriminate against heterosexual Christians who are victims of crime, since they will get less legal protection than homosexual victims.

And since "sexual orientation" is nowhere defined in the legislation, this law will give pedophiles, voyeurs, and exhibitionists special protections, which is why the bill has correctly been called "The Pedophile Protection Act."

The left has shrewdly and malevolently attached this so-called "hate crimes" language to a Defense Appropriations bill, and efforts by Republicans in Congress to remove the language from the Defense bill failed Tuesday night on a party line vote.

Though we all support adequate funding for the military, this attachment is a poison pill that makes the Appropriations bill unacceptable. 

Take Action!

E-mail your members of Congress today and urge them to vote "NO!" on the Defense Appropriations bill if the "hate crimes" language is not removed.

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