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Corporate officers drive pro-gay policies on smaller companies

October 23, 2009

PepsiCo's half-page ad in gay conference program bookPepsiCo isn't content with pushing homosexuality inside its own company. It feels compelled to use corporate leaders in pressing other companies to accept it as well.

In the October 2009 Out and Equal Workplace conference, PepsiCo's vice-president and CIO led a seminar to teach employees in the art of "leveraging strong sponsor or leader relationships" within companies to embrace homosexuality. The seminar was entitled "Use 'em or lose 'em."

At the same event, a manager of PepsiCo's corporate Contributions and Foundation department served as a judge in the Out & Equal's "Outie Awards." The awards are given in celebration and recognition to companies and employees who advance homosexual causes in the workplace.

PepsiCo also donated money to the event as an "Advocate" sponsorship and placed a half-page ad in the event program.


Sign the Boycott Pepsi Pledge. After signing the pledge, please call Pepsi (914-253-2000 or 1-800-433-2652) and tell the company you will boycott its products until it stops promoting the homosexual agenda.
Call the Pepsi bottler nearest you and ask it to stop supporting the homosexual agenda.
• Pepsi’s products include Pepsi soft drinks, Frito-Lay chips and snacks (800-352-4477), Quaker Oats (800-367-6287), Tropicana (800-237-7799) and Gatorade (800-884-2867).
Print the Boycott Pepsi Pledge and distribute it.

Forward this page to your friends and family so they will know about Pepsi’s support of the homosexual agenda. Millions of people are not aware of Pepsi’s support of homosexual organizations.