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Conservatives condemn passage of House health bill.

11/9/09-Monstrous and a defiance of the will of the American people - that's how one pro-family group is describing the health bill that House Democrats pushed through Saturday night by a vote of 220 to 215.  Read more...

House to vote on disastrous PelosiCare bill

Urgent: watch this powerful video and call your representative today!

November 5, 2009

The House apparently intends to vote on its 1,990-page version of the government takeover of health care as soon as Saturday night, according to press reports.

As Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) says, HR 3962 is a "freight train of runaway federal spending, bloated bureaucracy, mandates and higher taxes."This bill will put the heavy hand of the central government between you and the critical health care you and your loved ones need.

It must be stopped before America is altered forever in the direction of socialism and away from individual liberty, self-reliance and responsibility.

Genuine reform that will lower health care costs is possible: allowing competition between health insurance companies across state lines, reducing government regulation of mandated benefits, capping excessive malpractice awards, and encouraging low-premium catastrophic policies coupled with health savings accounts.

Please watch this powerful video featuring Mike Pence, and then call your representative and urge him (or her) to vote "No" to the government takeover of health care.

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This is a critical time for you to personally make a phone call to your representative.  AFA is providing suggested talking points for your call. Please politely but firmly urge him (or her) to vote "No" to the government takeover of health care.

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