UPDATE:  Governor Beshear has heard you loud and clear

November 5, 2009

The governor of Kentucky has changed his mind about calling the traditional Christmas tree on the capitol grounds in Frankfort a "holiday" tree.

As you may know, your American Family Association played a key role in this victory for Christmas and against the forces of political correctness who want to remove the word "Christmas" from the Christmas season.  Last Thursday, we sent an email alert into the Bluegrass State asking 38,370 of our friends to call and e-mail Governor Steve Beshear urging him to reverse his decision.  As a result, 5,021 of you took action and contacted the governor.

Bottom line: it worked. Thanks for speaking up – and congratulations on your victory!

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ORIGINAL ALERT:  Governor Beshear gets rid of capitol 'Christmas' tree

Replaces it with a so-called 'holiday' tree

October 29, 2009

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear does not like a Christmas tree being called a Christmas tree. So he is changing it. According to the Associated Press, Gov. Beshear has said the Christmas tree on the Capitol lawn in Lexington, as of this year, will be called a "holiday" tree.

Thus the War on Christmas continues. Those like Gov. Beshear don't like the fact that the Christmas tree is identified with the Christian faith, so the governor's spokesperson, Cindy Lanham, said the tree is now meant to cover Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and New Year's Day as well as Christmas.

This is ridiculous and a slap in the face to the Christian community in Kentucky. There is absolutely no tradition for a "Thanksgiving tree" or a "Hanukkah tree" or a "New Year's tree." Everyone knows trees displayed at the Capitol in December are to celebrate Christmas, a special holiday in the life of Kentucky and in the life of our country.

Gov. Beshear should rescind this decision and apologize to the people of Kentucky for promoting this politically correct liberal thinking at the expense of the true history and heritage of the Christmas tree.

After sending your email, take a moment to personally call Governor Beshear's office and let them know your thoughts. His number is (502) 564-2611.