Obama’s nominee further endangers air security

Urgent: Contact your senators today as ask them to vote "No"

January 4, 2010

The president's nominee to head up the Transportation Security Administration, Erroll Southers, wants to subject our nation's security to union bosses. Critics say that would put air travelers at risk.

Southers, supported by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, is intent on allowing TSA workers to unionize, which will interfere with the agency's flexibility to respond rapidly to changing terrorist threats. Union rules will also make it virtually impossible to reward outstanding screeners and fire poor ones, further compromising airline security.

Additionally, TSA managers may be forced to share sensitive information with union negotiators, increasing the probability of leaks.

Any attempt to unionize TSA workers should be flatly rejected, and for this reason, Mr. Soothers' nomination should be voted down.

Take Action

Send an e-mail to your senators today and urge them, for the sake of national security, to reject the nomination of Erroll Southers to head the Transportation Security Administration.