These receipts represent a small portion of the more than $101,000 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi-approved spending on booze (lots and lots and lots of alcohol) and snacks during her jet-setting military aircraft trips.  You can see the entire bill footed by THE PEOPLE hereNote: The listing of receipts provided by Judicial Watch is 1,949 pages long, broken into 100-page files.

In addition, receipts show daily "tips" to the hotel "bellhops" in excess of $200 a day, and room service-provided meals costing YOU hundreds of dollars per day. 

Note:  AFA does not contend that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the only "boozer abuser" in Congress. However, her position of leadership demonstrates she is violating (and allowing it) THE PEOPLE's trust in managing OUR money.

Send an email today to your representative and respectfully demand that he/she hold her accountable on your behalf. Urge your representative to conduct an investigation into this abuse and report back to you directly.

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