See the list of victories you and AFA had in January

February 1, 2010

Thanks to your good actions, we were able to accomplish a lot in January. Here are a few of the victories:

  • Erroll Southers, the President's poorly chosen nominee to head up the Transportation Security Administration, withdrew his name from consideration. Tens of thousands of you sent letters to your senators in response to our action alert on his nomination.
  • 62,363 people sent a note of thanks to Fox News analyst Brit Hume for his sharing the Gospel of Christ to millions of television viewers.
  • Over 11,705 official indecency complaints were filed with the FCC after FOX Network aired a bestiality scene on its American Dad program.
  • You were able to email President Obama directly, asking him to allow the American people to be involved in the debate on national health care by broadcasting negotiations on C-SPAN. 207,475 messages were sent to the President and Congress.

AFA does more than just address national issues. We are able to alert Christians to critical issues in individual states, giving them a quick and effective avenue for taking action. I’ve included some examples below, but it really just scratches the surface of the impact of the American Family Association.

  • AFA supporters were influential in the defeat of a bill in the New Jersey senate, which would have given marital status to homosexuals.
  • AFA invited over 44,000 pastors to attend a free Webinar promoting "National Marriage Week." This critical information gave pastors tools to help strengthen marriages within their churches and communities.
  • You helped defeat a dangerous homeschool bill in New Hampshire which would have removed many rights from parents choosing to homeschool their children.
  • AFA assisted in gathering signatures on a statewide petition (The Personhood Amendment) to protect unborn children in the state of Mississippi.

With your continued support, we will continue to have more influence and victories in our country and in YOUR state. Please consider making a financial donation to support our efforts. AFA is one of the few organizations being effective in the culture war.

In return for your gift of $75 or more, I want to offer you a gift - The Heart of Passion DVD Set. The Heart Of Passion contains 4 full length talks and nearly 4 hours of compelling content from Passion Founder, Louie Giglio. The collection of talks has been experienced by millions around the world.

I have never watched a more compelling presentation of the awesomeness and majesty of Almighty God, than in these messages by Louie Giglio. You will want everyone you know to see these DVDs after you watch them.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and actions.



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association