Marine veteran told to 'Take a Hike'

A foreshadowing of repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" tells a scary truth. Andrews Air Force Base censors free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.

March 4, 2010

Pro-family leader Tony Perkins was basically told to "take a hike" after originally being invited to speak at a luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, DC.

Perkins is president of the DC-based Family Research Council (FRC). He had been invited to speak at the National Prayer Luncheon at the military base, scheduled for February 25. Perkins, who is an ordained minister and a Marine Corps veteran, had planned to give a devotional message -- not a political one.

Since when does the military tell religious people to take a hike if they think the ban on gays in the military is valid?

Well, since President Obama called on Congress to repeal the 1993 law which bans homosexuals from military service. Perkins forcefully spoke out against the proposed policy change and two days later, he received a letter from the chaplain's office at Andrews AFB.

"I received a letter dis-inviting [me] to speak because of the statements that our organization had made," he explained. "At one level it's disappointing, because as a veteran of the Marine Corps I look forward to opportunities to speak to men and women in the military. But secondly, and much more alarming, is this is a foreshadow[ing], I believe, of things to come if this policy goes forward."

If we do not insist that the ban on homosexual military service be retained, our military will no longer be the place America's families want to send their best and brightest young men and women.

Take Action

1. Email Andrews Air Force Base Commander, Colonel Steven M. Shepro, letting him know of your disappointment in the military's censorship of free speech on his base.

2. If you or a family member serves in the military, it could be short-lived if the ban on homosexuality is repealed. AFA has established a dedicated webpage with extensive resources to help you understand and debate this issue.

3. Read the consequences of the proposed new "LGBT Law" for the military - an easy to follow, yet detailed look summarizing the consequences of Obama's proposal to change current law prohibiting gays in the military. Charts outline the dangers, including forced diversity training, misconduct incidents, forcing Chaplains out of the military, lower retention rates, lack of unit cohesion, on-base housing for "married" gays, and much more.


Take Action Now Email Andrews Air Force Base Commander, Colonel Steven M. Shepro