Your ObamaCare vote is next: 'Remember in November'

Let your representative know that you get a vote on ObamaCare too!

March 22, 2010

Like a large majority of Americans, I was disappointed when the House of Representatives voted for the massive takeover of one-sixth of the American economy by socializing medicine.

Was I disappointed? Yes. Am I discouraged? Absolutely not!

In looking at the response to our AFA Action Alerts over the past few weeks, it is very clear that you and millions of other Americans are extremely dissatisfied with the direction the president and the Democratic Congress are taking our country.

I want you to know AFA will continue to face important issues head-on. We're not giving up, and I hope you won't either.

Congress voted on ObamaCare this past Sunday night and made a bad decision. But, there's going to be another vote in November. And this time, you'll get to vote on the direction the current Congress is taking our nation!

Let's start by letting Congress know the American people will not stand by and let their actions go without a response.

Take Action

1.     Send an email to your representative  in response to his/her vote on ObamaCare. Let him/her know, "I'll remember in November." (Based on your zip code, our system will automatically recognize your representative, and how he/she voted. You will be able to send a "thank you" if he/she voted against ObamaCare. If your representative voted for ObamaCare, you can let him/her know you will "Remember in November" when they run for re-election.)

2.    Please take a moment to watch this very inspiring House floor speech from Congressman John Boehner, opposing the Democrats' government takeover of health care.