Oh Boy! The liberals in Congress are gonna hate this idea - You'll love it!

Show your dissatisfaction with Congress and let others know that you are no longer going to sit by and do nothing.
Tired of being told that you must purchase government medical insurance at a price the government decides?

- Had your fill of Congress ramming socialism down our throats?

- Fed up with backroom deals and bribes between the White House and Congress?

- Do reports of continued government bailouts and excessive spending turn your stomach?

- Just simply fed up with Congress taking away our rights?

In November, we will have the opportunity to let Washington, DC experience firsthand the will of the American electorate. In strong unity, we will remind elected officials that their power is derived from the governed! That's us, WE THE PEOPLE!

American's are outraged by the abuse of power in Washington, DC, and we must keep the momentum going by letting others know there is something they can do about the mess in Washington.

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By wearing and displaying your iVote buttons and stickers, you will be telling others your intentions for this fall’s election. Be sure to get enough to share with your family and friends.

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