You're invited to the most exciting meeting there is in Washington – the Values Voter Summit 2010

Make plans now to attend - space is limited and expected to fill fast!

Most Americans across the political spectrum would agree that we want our nation's future to be bright - for our nation to be that shining city on a hill that President Reagan so often referenced. But while we envision a future with limited government, lower taxes, traditional marriage, protection of life from conception to natural death, military readiness, religious freedom and individual responsibility, the President and liberal members of Congress envision a future with taxpayer funded abortion on demand, open homosexuality in our military, same-sex "marriage", out of control earmarks and federal spending, government-run health care, unprecedented deficits, tax incentives that penalize marriage and stay-at-home parental child care moms, policies that would drive conservative and Christian voices off the r! adio and internet.

And the list goes on. Their agenda erodes the moral foundation of our nation, increases our economic instability, weakens our military and drives us toward bankruptcy at an unbelievable speed.

That's why American Family Association, FRC Action, American Values, The Heritage Foundation, Liberty University/Liberty Counsel and Family Research Counsel are joining together on September 17-19 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. to bring you the Values Voter Summit 2010. Come and stand with others from all over our nation as we look toward the critical 2010 elections. Get equipped with information on how we can help change the course of our country.

In addition to dynamic speeches by national leaders and policy makers (like AFA's Bryan Fischer), the Summit will feature other opportunities: informative breakout sessions on the economy, marriage and the family, national security, religious liberty, life, organizing your community and other important issues-of-the-day topics; book signings by renowned authors; meals with special speakers hosted by each sponsoring organization (Don Wildmon will speak at the AFA Luncheon); a "meet and greet" event and breakout just for students; exhibits by other pro-family organizations; a private reception preceding the Faith, Family & Freedom Gala Dinner honoring Don Wildmon, Chairman Emeritus, American Family Association; and a moving Sunday morning worship service.

The registration fee is $99 per person and $50 for students. Packages with additional activities are listed on the website. To register, you may call 1-877-372-2808 or visit

This September, please consider joining like minded conservatives in the nation's capital who are determined to make a difference. If we will join together in praying for our nation and taking an unyielding stand for faith, family and freedom, we will succeed in bringing real change to America! With your prayers and support, we will not only defend our values, we will advance them in this critical hour. We can be certain that God's mercy, grace and love will guide us regardless of the challenges looming on the horizon.



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association