Stand up for Israel today

Urge President Obama to stand firmly and unapologetically with Israel

June 1, 2010

By now you are aware of the confrontation between Israeli naval forces and a Turkish flotilla off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

What you have not heard is the truth from the mainstream media.

Here is the truth:

  • Israel cannot allow ships to go directly to Gaza for security reasons. Innocent Israeli families are threatened daily with missile attacks launched from Gaza, and Israel must make sure weapons are not being smuggled into Gaza in "humanitarian" cargoes.  Israel offered to offload all humanitarian supplies on board this ship and deliver them to Gaza.
  • These Turkish ships know that the U.N. will deliver any and all humanitarian supplies after first examining shipments to make sure they contain no weapons. Thus it appears they deliberately provoked this incident for propaganda purposes.
  • Israeli commanders were attacked and beaten by the "humanitarian" workers on this ship who were armed with iron bars and knives. One soldier was thrown off an upper deck and fell thirty feet to the deck below, sustaining significant injuries to his head.
  • Israeli soldiers repeatedly told each other "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" as they rappelled to the surface of the ship. They fired only as a last resort and in self-defense.
  • According to the Weekly Standard, the organization behind this flotilla belongs to the Union of Good, which was created for the specific purpose of transferring tens of millions of dollars a year to Hamas-controlled entities in the Gaza Strip and whose leaders have been designated by our State Department as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Today is the day to stand with Israel. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and our only reliable ally in the region. And Christian America owes a spiritual debt to Israel for preserving the time-honored moral standards which are the foundation of our nation.