Public school bus driver calls student 'stupid little bigot'

School refuses to take any action to protect students

June 2, 2010

Watch the video as a school bus driver in Indiana lectures a little girl on gay rights, calling the student a "stupid little bigot" and saying that she would "eat the girl alive."

The bus driver was not disciplined in any way for her impromptu lecture and hateful remarks to the girl. In fact, when the girl's father complained to the school about the bus driver's actions, he was told that the behavior of the driver fell within the scope of her employment.

According to the surveillance video, a Carmel Clay, Indiana public school bus driver told a young girl: "I don't want to hear one more word about anyone going to hell if they're gay or if they're Buddhist or whatever cause it's none of your da-n business."

After two years, the parents are now having to sue the school in order to get justice for their daughter. They are asking for the driver to be fired.

What can this lead to? In England recently, a pastor was arrested for simply saying that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong.


Send an email to Indiana Superintendent Dr. Tony Bennett and ask him to become involved in this case and take appropriate action against the school bus driver.