Public university threatens to throw out student for her Christian beliefs

Your AFA is immediately donating $5,000 toward Jennifer's legal efforts against the school.

July 28, 2010

A counseling student has filed suit against a university in Georgia because she claims the school is forcing her to abandon her Christian beliefs in order to receive a degree.

See Jennifer's story in her own words (video)Jennifer Keeton, 24, is pursuing her master's degree in counseling at Augusta State University. But after her professors learned of her biblical beliefs -- specifically her views on homosexual conduct -- from both classroom discussions and private conversations with other students, the school imposed a "remediation plan."

And unless she completes this "remediation plan" to their satisfaction, then she can be thrown out of the school's counseling program.

David French, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, told OneNewsNow there are some absurd elements to the plan. "Such as admonishing her to go to a 'gay-pride parade' and write about her feelings after she's been," he describes. "In other words, [the school's plan would be] deliberately exposing her to behavior that she finds immoral in the hope that she'll accept it. It's ridiculous."

"Jennifer is not interested in being indoctrinated, she wants to be educated," states the attorney. "She wants to learn about the counseling profession, she wants to be a good counselor -- but being a good counselor does not require that one surrender their most fundamental religious beliefs."

They've turned this school into nothing more than a re-education camp. If we don't stop them here, a campus near you may be next.

Take Action

Tell the Augusta State University president and the Georgia Board of Regents to stop their religious discrimination against student Jennifer Keeton.

1. Pray for Jennifer and the Alliance Defense Fund staff representing her.

2. Instantly send an email to Augusta State University President William Bloodworth and the Georgia Board of Regents.

3. AFA is immediately giving $5,000 towards Jennifer's legal efforts. Please consider making a small donation to assist AFA in defending Jennifer's religious freedom.