You won't believe what Sears is selling 

Sears is content to sell pornography. And, if you are offended, they don't seem to care!

August 3, 2010

We tried. In fact, we tried more than a half-dozen times to reach out to Sears quietly and professionally. Sears' public relations department has refused to return our calls and emails. 

Sears is currently offering giant posters of total nud**y on its website. Sears knows they are selling smut. Technology allows Sears to remove and stop selling these posters within minutes, so why won't they? 

I hope you will take my word for it, but if you must see the proof, they can be found here. Warning: the posters are extremely graphic and offensive, although they have been edited by us. 

These aren't just posters of scantily-clad women. Some of them depict groups of people, lesbians and others engaged in ***ual activities. Very little is left to the imagination. 

Take Action 

Unless Sears hears from you, they will continue to sell offensive posters. Please take a moment to email Sears' public relations director Larry Costello. We have left voice mails on Mr. Costello's cell phone numerous times. He has refused to return them. 

Take Action Now 

Email Sears' public relations director Larry Costello 

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

P.S. For your information, AFA has to use asterisks for some words in our e-mails to you because otherwise the words would trigger blocks by many filters.