Matt Friedeman |

Congressman Zach Wamp won't meeting with women behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, reports The Hill, fearing perception and, likely, the possibility of temptation.

If that standard was good enough for Billy Graham, famous for such prudery, it is good enough for Wamp. 

Female lobbyists are apparently crying foul.  Let 'em. 

I personally know a Congressman - actually, former and now disgraced Congressman - who had a behind closed doors relationship with a lobbyist that cost him his marriage and his seat.  And he was an evangelical to boot. 

Christians must have high standards.  And those standards, appropriately staked out, will be higher than those of the world and, specifically in this case, the Congressional world.  The mockery and protests will come, but that is a small price to pay to live above reproach and to shoo testings away.

Recently in a phone interview I challenged former Speaker Newt Gingrich with the query If the men of the Republican Revolution and their Speaker couldn't keep their marriage vows why should we now entrust, say, that Speaker who looks to be making a run for the presidency?

It wasn't much of an answer he gave.  Evangelicals in power must do better in the future, and cultural conservatives in particular must surely know that the public will hold them to higher standards.  

 As well they should.