President Obama ignores most holy Christian holiday; AFA calls act intentional.

President Barack Obama found time to prepare an eight paragraph proclamation for Earth Day on Friday, but found zero time to issue a proclamation for Easter, the highest and holiest day of the year for Christians.

While waxing eloquent about the necessity of preserving our nation's "natural heritage," he had not a word for the millions of Christians celebrating Easter in America and around the world.


The American Family Association believes this was an intentional act of disrespect.

This is consistent with other egregious examples of disregard for our Christian heritage on the president's part, such as omitting "Creator" from the Declaration of Independence, which he has done on at least three occasions.

The president has shown far more interest in promoting Islam than his own self-proclaimed Christian faith, the faith of our Founding Fathers.

The president has been devoted to issuing statements marking all major Muslim holidays, which are of no historical significance to the United States whatsoever. He has released statements in honor of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha, holidays which most Americans cannot pronounce and certainly do not celebrate.

More glaringly, President Obama made no mention of Good Friday or Easter in his weekly address to the nation on Saturday.

Even the secular media noted this inexcusable slighting of the Christian faith. When asked about it, the president's spokesman, Jay Carney, answered mockingly by saying, "I'm glad you're asking me these important questions, guys."

See video of Mr. Carney's comments here. 


Please let the White House know that these are in fact "important questions" because they go directly to the heart of our fundamental values as a people and to the issue of whether our president shares those values.

Send an email to the White House to express your outrage that President Obama showed such blatant disrespect for the most sacred day on the Christian calendar. 

After sending your email, please consider make a personal phone call to the White House. The number for you to leave a comment is 202-456-1111.