Home Depot special alert - this week is important

Home Depot shareholders are meeting this week.

May 31, 2011

Home Depot is having its annual shareholder meeting this week. Many shareholders are upset with Home Depot's sponsorship of numerous gay pride events and support for homosexual marriage.

Shareholders will be addressing the board of directors personally this week and plan to make sure the board of directors know they need to end the boycott! But...they need YOUR support. 

Your local store manager is the closest personal contact you can have with the company. They are the "eyes and ears" of the company and can make sure your concerns get to the right people.


Today, call your local Home Depot store and ask to speak to the manager. You can find the number to your local store here (click "Store Finder" at top of page) or in your local phone book.

Politely let him know you are boycotting his store until the company agrees to remain neutral in the culture wars and stops supporting homosexuality.

Sample call text: 

Hello, my name is ________. I'm calling to let you know that I will not be shopping at your Home Depot store until the company agrees to remain neutral in the culture war and stops supporting homosexual activist groups and activities. 

I know you do not make the decisions for the company and may not have a lot of influence on company decisions. However, since you represent the company in our community, I'm asking you to forward my message to your district manager or directly to the corporate office. 

The American Family Association has set up a special website if you would like more information on why I am boycotting your store. The website address is www.BoycottTheHomeDepot.com. 

Thank you for your time, and for listening to my concerns.