Air Force guilty of religious bigotry - bans Scripture in class

August 9, 2011

The Air Force has banned a class on the Christian-based "Just War Theory" because the class used verses from the Bible.

"Just War Theory" has been a part of Western civilization since the days of St. Augustine in the 5th century A.D. It uses the abiding standards of the word of God to help members of the military determine when the use of lethal force against an enemy of this country is morally legitimate and helps them to know how to use that force in a morally just way.

The class has been taught for more than two decades at Vandenberg Air Force base, and has been an important source of perspective for those who have their fingers on the missile launchers that protect our liberties.

But because of noisy complaints from secular fundamentalists the class has now been shelved, and our military has been robbed of the moral guidance of the Scriptures.

Rather than fight for religious liberty, the Air Force meekly suspended the entire class the day the complaint was filed.

And so the banning of the Bible in the armed services continues. Donated Bibles were burned in Afghanistan because it might offend Muslims in Afghanistan. (Yes, our government apparently considers book burning to be okay as long as the book is the Bible.)

And weapons inscribed with Bible verses likewise have been banned in Afghanistan, again in order not to offend Muslims.

It's time for this extinguishing of the lamp of God's word to stop.


Please contact your Congressional delegation and insist that they direct the Air Force to reinstate this class. Our religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation are risk. Make your voice heard. 

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