Tulsa Christians establish a REAL Christmas parade!

Government leaders trash Christmas title, so citizens create their own event. You're invited!!

November 17, 2011

Remember the controversy last year when city leaders became arrogantly "politically correct" and refused to use the word "Christmas" in Tulsa's annual parade, opting to use the term "holiday" instead? In protest of the anti-Christmas organizers' nearsightedness, even Senator Jim Inhofe refused to attend. "I did not do so last year, because I'm not going to ride in a Christmas parade that doesn't recognize Christmas,'" he said.

Sadly, the city has decided to dump "Christmas" again for the 2011 event and call it a "Parade of Lights."

You'll be happy to know that a group heroic citizens in Tulsa have decided to fight back by organizing a "Tulsa CHRISTMAS Parade!" 

The Facebook Official Page of The Tulsa Christmas Parade says:

For 79 years, Tulsa held a Christmas parade downtown. Recently, the word Christmas was removed, gaining national attention and upsetting participants and Tulsans. For many the question became: What exactly are they celebrating? For this reason we have formed a "new" Tulsa Christmas Parade. 

I hope you will consider NOT attending the city's "Politically Correct, All-Inclusive, Non-Denominational Generic Winter Holiday" parade.

Instead, take your family to a REAL Christmas parade this year! 

Click on the graphic below, or here, to learn more!