J.C. Penney promotes 'gay marriage' with Father's Day ad

From its website the company states, "J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) is re-imagining every aspect of its business in order to reclaim its birthright and become America's favorite store." It is well established that James Cash Penney, the founder of the J.C. Penney Company (JCP), was a Christian who lived his life and ran his business by the principles of God's Word. Sadly, the re-imagining of the present-day J.C. Penney Company indicates a departure from biblical moorings and Mr. Penney's leadership by taking sides in the cultural war in celebration of homosexuality.

In JCP's June catalog, a pro-homosexual ad shows two men on the floor playing and hugging their two children at home. It reads, "First Pals - What makes Dad so cool? He's the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver - all rolled into one. Or two. Real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason." 


Please call or visit your local J.C. Penney store manager to politely inform them that you will not be shopping at their store this Father's Day and why. Request that the store managers pass along your concern to corporate and urge them to remain neutral in the cultural war. You can find the phone number of your local store here, or in your local phone directory. 

If you receive the J.C. Penney catalog, you may email, call, or use their contact form on their website to unsubscribe from their mailers. If you have a store credit card or hold stock with the J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP), you might consider closing your account and divesting until they become neutral in the culture war. 

JCP is blocking emails from our alert system but you may get through by sending an email directly from your email account to jcpcorpcomm@jcpenney.com. 


Take Action Now 

Please call or visit your local J.C. Penney store manager