Back-To-School: Where families shop (and don't)

July 30, 3012

August means Back-To-School spending for families. Christian families appreciate companies that use Biblical principles to direct their business practices. For example, AFA applauds Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A for honoring God in all they do.

Unfortunately, some companies use their influence to promote social agendas that undermine family values.

While AFA does not maintain a comprehensive list of companies, and their practices, we want to let you know about three stores your family might specifically choose to avoid.

By clicking on the company name below, you can see our most recent AFA Action Alert on the individual company.

OFFICE DEPOT - Office Depot recently announced it was donating $1 million dollars to recording artist Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. Office Depot is helping push the homosexual agenda in public schools by encouraging our children to falsely believe people are born "gay."

J.C. PENNEY - Penney's aggressive national campaign to promote "gay" marriage began with the hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as the official company spokesperson. It followed up with full-page ads featuring lesbian and gay couples during Mother's Day and Father's Day promotions.

SEARS - Despite multiple denials by the company, Sears continues to offer hard-core pornography, including sadomasochism, bondage, and X-rated products on its website. On July 27, AFA documented dozens of pornographic products available on Sears' website.

We will continue to be a voice for what is right. AFA unapologetically stands for the Christian values that made our country great. We ask that you continue to pray for us and take the action steps we recommend so that together we continue to make a difference.

I don't have to tell you this is a critical time for our nation. With your generous financial support, American Family Association will continue to defend our faith, our family and our values!

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