Government official trying to restrict pastor's speech

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July 31, 2012

According to OneNewsNow, a Miami-Dade County school superintendent is using a pastor's sermon about homosexuality as grounds to review his church's lease.

Following Pastor Jack Hakimian's message at Impact Miami Church on the biblical position concerning homosexuality, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is "reviewing" North Miami Senior High School's lease agreement with the church to determine if it should be revoked.

Pastor Hakimian preaches and teaches inside North Miami Senior High School every Sunday. In a recent sermon, he listed homosexuality along with other sinful lifestyles such as drug abuse and witchcraft. The superintendent didn't like it, and began threatening to cancel the church's lease.

View this short interview between Tim Wildmon and Pastor Hakimian 

All across America, thousands of churches meet in public school buildings on weekends, when school is not in session. The Courts have clearly stated that religious institutions have the same access to rent school space as does any public organization. In other words, if the school rents to one, it must rent to all.

Although Pastor Hakimian has secured Christian legal help from Liberty Counsel, he seeks a written apology from the Miami-Dade School District. He says this will serve to help other churches that may be experiencing religious discrimination.



Send an email to Miami-Dade School superintendent Alberto Carvalho. Urge him to 1) stop his efforts to evict Pastor Hakimian and 2) issue a public apology for attempting to practice religious viewpoint discrimination.

A copy of your email to Superintendent Carvalho will also be sent to each of the Miami-Dade School District board members.

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