Sam's Club, L.L.Bean respond to Naughty or Nice list

December 17, 212

After being downgraded on AFA's Naughty or Nice list last week, Sam's Club and L.L.Bean responded directly to AFA with positive results, earning them a place on the "Nice" list.

Sam's Club - Stores are now distributing flyers inside their stores that promote a "Christmas" Savings Event and letting customers know "Christmas cheer starts here." The company's website has been changed to include "Baskets full of Christmas cheer."

L.L.Bean - Front and center on L.L.Bean's website now is "Discover the Christmas Spirit," along with other references to "Christmas."

Thank you for taking time to contact these companies. Our efforts are making a tremendous difference in the war on Christmas!

AFA is all about doing, not just talking. We always have been. The Lord has called us to make a difference in the culture, to stand for His truth and His righteousness. As long as we are here, this is what we will do. Seeing so much ungodliness around us can get discouraging at times, but we must continue our mission and leave the results to the Lord.

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