Do you support Speaker Boehner and those who voted with him to raise your taxes?

January 2, 2013


On New Year's Day night, Speaker John Boehner and 84 fellow Republicans voted for a "fiscal cliff" bill that will raise taxes by $620 billion, contains no spending cuts, and will, according to the Congressional Budget Office, increase our nation's debt by almost $3.9 trillion over the next decade. 

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The brunt of the new tax burden will fall on job creators, the successful small business owners who are responsible for creating as many as 70% of the jobs in our economy.

This is the first time in 20 years that Republicans have enabled passage of a bill that raises income taxes. It was opposed by 151 Republicans in the House.

Speaker Boehner insisted that this bill receive a vote, despite the fact that it was opposed almost 2-1 by the members of his own caucus. Fox News radio commentator Todd Starnes Tweeted out this analysis: "Boehner leads Democrats to victory in House."