To inspire and challenge you in the defense of unborn children

January 22, 2013

Today, Tuesday, January 22, marks a tragic day in our nation's history. Forty years ago on this day the Supreme Court decided that preborn children did not have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Indeed, they had no rights whatsoever.

American Family Studios has produced two videos,Aaron and The Award, for crisis pregnancy centers to play for expectant mothers while they are waiting for their pregnancy test results to be completed. At this point, they have a captive audience who is in a state of mind for these powerful videos to impact a decision that will affect the rest of their life.

Please watch The Award, a brand new short film from American Family Studios. When I watched it, I was vividly reminded again that we are in a war for the lives of babies and the souls of their mothers.

As a follow-up, we have included the true story of Gabriel Young. Gabriel shares her personal story of facing the difficult decision to keep her child.

Our hope is that women seeing these short films will indeed know that the life they are carrying inside them is a precious gift from God. We pray they will choose life.

I've also included links to two articles that I think are critically important in our battle for the right of unborn children. They only take a few minutes to read, but will leave a lasting impression.

Let us resolve to earnestly pray, lawfully act, and persevere until we see this decision overturned and our nation once again become a culture that does not merely value the quality of life, but the sanctity of it as well.

Take Action Now Please take a few moments to watch "The Award" as our gift of encouragement to you.