The future of scouting - Here are the facts

Stand up for the Boy Scouts of America!
March 15, 2013

On May 23, Boy Scout leaders from your state will meet with scout leaders from other states to vote on whether or not to amend its longstanding membership policy restricting open and avowed homosexuals.

This is why your involvement is so desperately important. 

Volunteer representatives from your local council will represent your community by voting for or against a resolution to change the current policy.

Will you take a few minutes to help the millions of boys who will be affected by this vote? 

We believe scouting should not include homosexual men who go on overnight camping trips with young boys.

We believe scouting should not cave to political correctness in the form of social experimentation.

We believe scouting should not make its religious sponsoring organizations vulnerable to lawsuits by homosexual activists. (Chartering organizations are currently protected, but any change to the policy could severely jeopardize that legal protection.)

Take Action - Support Scouting! 

1. Visit or call your local council executiveContact information here.

• Politely share your concerns and ask your local council representatives to vote against any change to the current membership policy.
• Ask your local scout executive where his position is.
IMPORTANT: Send a report of your visit to Please be brief and include the name of the council office you contact.

2. Sign this petition to the Boy Scouts of America. AFA will hand deliver this petition to the BSA on May 22, one day before the vote takes place.

3. Help spread the word! 

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I'm supporting the Boy Scouts! I signed the petition and hope you will too! 

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Take Action Now  Sign this petition to the Boy Scouts of America now!