This should convince you

It is critical to the BSA that you support them today!
May 3, 2013

Literally, the very character, integrity and future of the Boy Scouts of America are at stake.

On May 23, 1,400 delegates to the annual BSA meeting will be asked tovote on a resolution that will allow openly homosexual and transgender teenage boys to join the ranks of scouting.

Make no mistake, the current aggression from gay activists and liberal groups directed at these BSA delegates is relentless. The very core values of 100 years of BSA history is under attack.

See this open letter to the BSA delegates: Ten Reasons to Vote "NO"

Without your support, they stand alone, against a vitriolic tide of noisy gays. Let's let the Boy Scouts know they are not fighting the battle alone!

TAKE ACTION - Time is running out! 

1. Sign this petition to the Boy Scouts of America. AFA will hand deliver this petition to the BSA on or before May 23, the day the the vote takes place.

2. Please use the link below to "share" this alert with your Facebook friends. Urge them to sign the petition too!

NOTE: Only your name, city and state will be included on the petition to the BSA. Any other personal information you share will be kept confidential to AFA. 

Take Action Now  Please...sign the petition to the Boy Scout now!