Kraft - from cheesiest to sleaziest with latest ad

Kraft has gone too far and needs to hear from you today!
June 13, 2013

Last week's issue of People Magazine had the most disgusting ad on the inside front cover that we have ever seen Kraft produce. A full 2-page ad features a n*ked man lying on a picnic blanket with only a small portion of the blanket barely covering his g*nitals. It is easy to see what the ad is really selling.

You can see the ad here, but be warned, it is offensive. 

A person has to look closely to see the item the company is marketing because the salad dressing bottle is so small next to the male model, picnic basket and other food items. There is also a small Kraft logo in the upper corners with the words "Silverware Optional - Let's Get Zesty." The website is listed in the bottom corner.

Kraft has gone too far and will push away loyal, conservative customers with this new ad campaign. The consumers they are attempting to attract - women and mothers - are the very ones they are driving away. Who will want Kraft products in their fridge or pantry if this vulgarity is what they represent?


Please send Kraft an email letter and urge them to discontinue their offensive "Let's Get Zesty" campaign immediately. Kraft has gone too far and needs to hear from you now!

1. Most effective: Make a personal phone call to Kraft Foods at 1-877-535-5666. Be kind, but firm, in sharing your feelings.

2. Very effective: Copy and paste (or write your own) this message on Kraft's Facebook page at

I find your latest "Zesty" advertising campaign distasteful and offensive. I'm disappointed to know Kraft has lowered its corporate standards to this level.

3. For Twitter users: @Kraftdressing Kraft goes from cheesy to sleazy. Shame on them. #kraftdressing

4. Email Users: Our OneMillionMoms division is swamping Kraft with emails. You can send your email here.

Take Action Now  Send Your Email to Kraft Now!