Shopping with a Clean Conscience 
Know what your money is funding 
Christian shoppers can now be equipped with a tool that will let them know if the items they consider purchasing align with their moral and ethical beliefs.
screenitcleanitScreen It-Clean It is a powerful tool that the American Family Association is excited to promote. This tool is available to anyone that does not wish to support or buy products from companies that are involved in unethical or immoral practices.
With billions of shopping dollars unknowingly being used to fund unbiblical practices such as abortion related issues, pornography, and anti-family entertainment, having this tool and knowledge can equip concerned Americans with the ability to see where their investment and consumer dollars are going.
Americans are beginning to ask themselves, "Is this company involved in unethical practices I'm unaware of?" Screen It-Clean It allows anyone to screen over 30,000 companies from all over the world for moral and ethical issues.
Screen It-Clean It is available now to everyone. Simply go to to screen up to five companies a month.
If keeping informed and being Biblically responsible in how you spend your money is important to you, then sign up here to begin receiving the AFA Action Alert there will never be any obligation on your part and it will make it easy for you to instantly respond to leadership of companies, our armed forces and politicians and others that want to see the further erosion of our country and its moral fabric.