Radio Shack angers store owners - "Company isn't listening to us"

December 11, 2013

radioshackOwners and operators of local Radio Shack stores are angry that Radio Shack has refused the use of "Christmas" in company advertising directed to Christmas shoppers. The company chooses the politically correct "holiday" term instead.

Owners are saying the company's anti-Christmas attitude is hurting business. AFA has heard from about a dozen Radio Shack owners who say they have pleaded with the corporate office to recognize "Christmas" in company advertising.

"They aren't listening to customers and they aren't listening to us," said one store owner.  "How difficult is it to add 'Christmas' to a website, for crying out loud?"

One owner said a majority of his business depends on Christmas shoppers and the company should at least acknowledge them by making them feel welcome.

AFA has called for a boycott of Radio Shack stores until the company recognizes "Christmas" in its advertising.

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