Defining the Gay Agenda

An agenda is defined by Merriam-Webster as either (1) “a list or outline of things to be considered or done,” or (2) “an underlying often ideological plan or program.”

When it comes to the concept of a “gay agenda,” it is actually quite easy to discover what gay activists are trying to accomplish.

For example, a simple search on Wikipedia under “March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation 1993” will turn up a list of demands issued by the coalition of homosexual groups which participated.

Other aspects of the “gay agenda” can be found on the Web sites of such prominent homosexual lobby groups as the Human Rights Campaign ( or the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ( On such sites there is an extensive treatment of agenda items.

From AFA’s perspective, we believe the core goal of the homosexual movement is to abolish the traditional, Judeo-Christian view of human sexuality, marriage and family. In that regard, the homosexual movement is the latest and most radical manifestation of the Sexual Revolution.

Principles Which Guide AFA's Opposition to the Homosexual Agenda

by Dr. Donald E. Wildmon
AFA Founder & President

I received a letter from a supporter who wrote that AFA was spending too much energy and ink opposing the homosexual movement. He also charged that we are too harsh on homosexuals. Naturally, my first inclination was to defend AFA. However, the letter made me consider that maybe it was time to rethink our position on the issue. I wanted to make sure that our attitudes and actions were in accord with scripture and maintained the honor of Christ. The result is this list of guiding principles. I want you to read them carefully.

First, let me give you a little history of AFA's opposition to the homosexual movement. Around the time I began this ministry in 1977, homosexual rights supporters in the secular media began openly promoting homosexual behavior as morally equivalent to a heterosexual relationship.

One of the very first fights in which AFA engaged was over NBC's "Love Sidney", a show which featured actor Tony Randall as a homosexual man. This was the first network TV show that featured a homosexual as the leading character. Of course, today openly homosexual prime-time characters are common on network TV. Disney/ABC's infamous "Ellen" is just one example.

During the lifetime of AFA, the movement to normalize homosexual behavior has exploded on the American scene. Homosexual activists have captured the support of politicians, educational leaders, entertainment and media elite, business and sadly, many of our church leaders.

I never dreamed I would see the day when sodomy would be called normal, and those who held to traditional values based on Christian teaching would be called bigots.

Today, if you dare to publicly oppose homosexuality - even with reason, humility and mercy - you can expect to be ridiculed or censored by the liberal media and the cultural elites. You would have thought Senator Lott was Adolph Hitler the way the media and gay advocacy groups jumped on him after he referred to homosexuality as sinful behavior.

Another example: A few years ago AFA learned that our website had been blocked by CyberPatrol, a popular Internet filtering software, on the grounds of "intolerance" for our opposition to the homosexual movement. The category was previously reserved for Nazis and Klansmen.

One report observed that the makers of CyberPatrol obviously believe "young minds...need to be protected from the heinous, shocking ideas of moral conservatives." Meanwhile CyberPatrol users have full access to Internet sites run by various homosexual-rights groups.

Below I have outlined principles that guide AFA's attitude and actions in opposing the normalization of homosexuality in our society. I hope these are helpful to you and compassionate toward those who want help.


  1. The scripture declares that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful. It is a sin grievous to God and repulsive to Christians because it rejects God's design for mankind as heterosexual beings.
  2. Though there may be many influences in a person's life, the root of homosexuality is a sinful heart. Therefore, homosexuals have only one hope of being reconciled to God and rejecting their sinful behavior - faith in Jesus Christ alone. AFA seeks to use every opportunity to promote and encourage the efforts of ex-homosexual ministries and organizations.
  3. It is the duty of individual Christians and Christ's Church corporately to bring the gospel to homosexuals and to speak out against the acceptance of sin in our culture.
  4. We oppose the homosexual movement's efforts to convince our society that their behavior is normal because we fear the judgement of God on our nation.
  5. The homosexual movement is a progressive outgrowth of the sexual revolution of the past 40 years and will lead to the normalization of even more deviant behavior.
  6. The homosexual movement's promotion of same-sex marriage undermines the God-ordained institution of marriage and family which is the foundation of all societies.
  7. We oppose the efforts of the homosexual movement to force its agenda on our sentiments in schools, government, business and workplaces through law, public policy and media. Our strong opposition is a reaction to the homosexual movement's aggressive strategies.
  8. We oppose the effort to convince our culture that because individuals participate in homosexual behavior, they have earned the right to be protected like racial and other minority groups.
  9. While we are resolute in our opposition to the homosexual movement, we recognize the importance of maintaining Christian integrity in all our efforts. By God's grace we will reject the temptation to become bitter or hateful in our words or actions.
  10. Finally, we seek faithfulness more than victory. We work with the confidence that the one true Sovereign God of the Bible will fulfill His purposes.

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